How to get a Fennec in Rocket League? [New] (Season 14)

how to get a fennec in rocket league
There are 4 possible ways to get a Fennec in Rocket League in 2024.
  • Buying it from the item shop or crafting it using a blueprint are the first two methods. These require you to spend some money on credits.
  • The other two methods: opening reward drops and trading-in items, can get you a Fennec for free but with very little odds.
In December 2023, player-to-player trading was removed from Rocket League, thereby killing a host of easy ways to get a Fennec for free.

As of Season 14 (March 2024), these are the 4 working methods to get a Fennec on PC, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

  1. Item Shop
  2. Blueprints
  3. Drops
  4. Trade In

1. Item Shop

Picking a Fennec up from the Item Shop is easy. Different variants of the Fennec keep appearing in the Shop at regular intervals.

When I want to pick one up I make sure I check the daily item shop rotation as well as the bundles tabs.

If you follow Rocket League’s official handle on X (twitter) then your work becomes easier since most of the significant Item Shop updates get a shoutout on Socials.

An unpainted or default Fennec is typically priced at 500 Credits while painted ones may cost you 700 or 800 Credits.

The prices of Fennec bundles can vary with themes, seasons and other items in the bundle.

I’ve noticed that in my game window, prices for bundles are also displayed in my local currency thereby allowing me to directly make a purchase with money also.

Whereas items that appear under the daily item shop rotation can only be purchased with credits that I have.

2. Blueprints

After every online match of Rocket League that you play, you stand a chance to win random blueprints.

Players receive random drops after online matches
Random Drops

Fennec Blueprints are not that rare to come by.

If you’re a regular Rocket League player, chances of you already having a couple of Fennec Blueprints of different variants in your inventory are very very high.

To view your inventory, go to Main Game Menu > Garage > Manage Inventory and slide over to the blueprints tab.

Here’s a screenshot of my inventory. As you can see I currently have 5 different Fennec blueprints.

List of various Fennec Blueprints in the inventory
Fennec Blueprints in Inventory

Once in your inventory, look for the Totally Awesome Series, Select Favorites Series or Select Favorites 2 Series Blueprints. If you have only recently started playing the game then look for SF2 Series.

If you find a desired Fennec Blueprint, you’ll need credits to build the item.

Building a Fennec from its Blueprint
Crafting from Blueprints

Credits can be purchased from the item shop.

Why are Blueprints the best option?

Because in my attempts to get a Fennec, I found the odds of getting one from Reward Drops (Method #3) or Trading-In (Method #4) to be extremely low.

Eventually, I had to make up my mind to pay for one. And when I did that, waiting for a Fennec to come to the Item Shop (Method #1) seemed like a big waste of time.

3. Reward Drops

There are 6 different kinds of reward drops in Rocket League’s game files: from Uncommon Drop (aka Sport Drop) all the way up to Limited Drop (aka Luxury Drop).

But since the Fennec is an Import item, you can get a Fennec only from 3 of these drops: Rare Special Drop (blue), Very Rare Deluxe Drop (purple), Import Drop (red).

The 3 kinds of rewards drops in Rocket League: Import, Rare, Very Rare Drops
Import, Rare, Very Rare Drops

How to get Reward Drops?

Here are all the ways by which you can earn drops in Rocket League.

1. Rocket Pass Free Tiers: You can earn up to 8 Sport Drops, 4 Special Drops, 6 Deluxe Drops every season from the from Rocket Pass.

The drops from Free Rocket Pass Tiers are rewarded each time you rank up i.e. gain more XP.

Players can get reward drops from free tiers of Rocket Pass
Drops from Free RP Tiers

2. Weekly  & Season Challenges: Weekly challenges can earn you 1 Special Drop per Week (or) 13 Special Drops per Season.

Season Challenges can get you 3 Special Drops per Stage (or) 12 Special Drops per Season.

Doing Weekly & Season Challenges also give players drops
Weekly & Season Challenges

3. Finishing all Season Challenges:  Lastly, completing all 4 stages of challenges in a season earns you 1 each of Special, Deluxe, and Import Drop.

Completing all 4 stages of Season Challenges also gives players drops
Season Challenge Stages

Odds of getting Fennec from Drops

In theory, these drops seem to follow a 60-30-10 split of obtainable item rarity. What does that mean? Here is a simple explanation:

  • From 1 Special Drop, you stand a 60% chance of getting a Rare Item, 30% chance of getting a Very Rare Item, and 10% chance of getting an Import Item.
  • From 1 Deluxe Drop, you stand a 60% chance of getting a Very Rare Item, 30% chance of getting an Import Item, and 10% chance of getting an Exotic Item.
  • From 1 Import Drop, you stand a 60% chance of getting an Import Item, 30% chance of getting an Exotic Item, and 10% chance of getting a Black Market Item.

Based on these percentages, you have a 10% chance, 30% chance, and 60% chance of getting an Import Item from Special, Deluxe and Import Drop respectively.

Rare Item Reward Drop in Rocket League
Rare Drop: 10% Chance of Import Item

There are 202 Items in the Import Item category of which 15 are Fennecs – 1 default and 14 painted.

Now, assuming that the odds of getting any of those 15 Fennecs (regardless of paint & rarity) are equal, we arrive at the figure of 7.42% chance that an Import Item will be a Fennec.

Multiply these percentages, we get the actual odds of getting a Fennec.

What are the chances of getting a Fennec from Drops?

The chances of getting a Fennec from a Rare (aka Special) Drop is .742%, from a Very Rare (aka Deluxe) Drop is 2.226%, and from an Import Drop is 4.452%.


Getting a Fennec from an Import Drop in Rocket League
4.45% odds of getting Fennec from Import Drop

Points to be Noted:

  1. These are gross approximations that I made based on reddit user PotentialScale’s account of opening ~500 reward drops. However, it is safe to consider these estimations as generally accurate, because they are also in line with older, archived sources of drop rates officially announced by Psyonix in July 2018.
  2. In order to keep the math simple, I also worked with the assumption that there is no weightage towards unpainted items or items of lower rarity.
  3. However for the sake of science, let us assume that such a weightage exists (and it actually does). What that means is the really low odds that I calculated are actually even lower than my results.
  4. The reason I picked simplicity (over complexity) is because it is sufficient to drive the point home.

4. Trade In

Trading-In System in Rocket League
Trade-In Window in Rocket League

The trading-in system in Rocket League was designed for players to be able to get rid of unwanted or duplicate items.

The system allows you to exchange 5 items of same rarity for one item of higher rarity. Trading-in also works with blueprints and tournament items.

Since the Fennec is an Import Item, you are going to need 5 Non-Crate Very Rare Items (aka NCVRs) to trade in.

Just like with drops, here also there is no official data. And so on the surface, your trade-ups may appear to be following total randomness.

But in reality its the same math as before (with drops).

What are the chances of getting a Fennec from Trading In?

Every time you trade in 5 Very Rare (aka Deluxe) Items you stand a 7.42% chance that the Import Item you get might be a Fennec.

Items from Same Series

There is however, one way of drastically increasing your odds of getting a Fennec with trading in – and that is by restricting the items you input to a particular series only.

I believe that each item among the 5 input items contributes to 20% odds for the series of output item.

If this is true, then in theory, I could restrict all 5 input NCVRs to a specific series in order to get Import Items from the same series.

To explore how this can help us increase our odds of getting the Fennec, let us observe the list of items in the Select Favorites 2 Series as shown in the image below.

List of Items in Select Favorites 2 Series in Rocket League
Select Favorites 2 Series

As you can this series has 4 Import Items, 1 of which is a Fennec. It’s not hard to see where I’m going with this. Yes – 1/4 odds!

I would love to extensively test this out but the lack of a sufficient number of NCVRs from Select Favorites 2 Series in my inventory is the only thing holding me back.

Luckily, Select Favorites 2 is not the only series the Fennec is a part of. It’s also in the Totally Awesome Series and the Select Favorites Series as can be seen below.

If the assumptions are correct, and the math holds then, the odds of getting a Fennec from Select Favorites Series Trade ups should be 1/5 and from the Totally Awesome Series Trade ups should be 1/3.

What are the best odds of getting a free Fennec from trade ups?

If all 5 of the Very Rare Items being traded in belong to one of the above discussed series then the chance of getting a Fennec are 20% for the Select Favorites Series, 25% for the Select Favorites 2 Series, and 33% for the Totally Awesome Series!

These are the highest odds of getting a Free Fennec in the game.

If you happen to have 5 Very Rare Items from one of these Series and decide to test this out (in the name of science), then please do share your results in the comments below.

Why is the Fennec popular?

The Fennec’s popularity can be attributed to several factors.

From veterans like SquishyMuffinz to more recent stars like Zen, many top players have made the switch to the Fennec.

Rocket League pro player "Zen" showcasing this popular Fennec Anodized preset design on a Twitch Stream
Zen’s Anodized Fennec Design

And, while it’s true that the Fennec’s body shape fits the octane hitbox better, it’s debatable whether this snug fit contributes to improved feel and car handling, or if it’s simply a placebo effect.

Regardless, there has been a noticeable shift among pro players embracing the Fennec. This trend has naturally influenced casual players and fans to follow suit and adopt the Fennec as well.

Here are 5 reasons that Squishy gave as to why he made the switch from Octane to Fennec:

  1. Lots of EU pro players are dominant with the Fennec
  2. Feeling that the Octane is not as good as the Fennec
  3. Every touch feels better and more accurate with the Fennec
  4. The Fennec moves better and everything feels better
  5. The game feels easier with the Fennec

Here’s the clip:


There has definitely been a shift with at least NA (North America) that I noticed that uh most people are switching from Octane to Fennec. So I’m joining in on that exact same trend. The French right now, all the good French (EU) players are definitely dominant on the fennec, and that’s something that a lot of players are picking up on and trying to test the car for themselves.

And they’re realizing its true potential. I’m starting to realize more and more that the Octane just isn’t as good as this car. And the more I’ve used it for like two days basically the whole time I didn’t switch to Octane at all during those two days. And every single touch just feels like it’s what I want and the car just moves better man. Everything just feels better I feel like the game’s easier honestly.

Whichever way you prefer to see it, the conclusions are obvious:

  • The Fennec is (arguably) the best car to use in Rocket League, mainly because it fits the hitbox well and feels more predictable.
  • The best method of getting a Fennec is crafting it using blueprints.
  • The math proves that your odds of getting a Free Fennec from drops or trading in are significantly low.
  • The only exception to the previous point might be trading in 5 NCVRs from Totally Awesome (or) SF (or) SF2 Series which may have 1/4 odds (this needs more testing).

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