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This Closed Beta of Wayfinder is currently on from May 24 at 10 a.m. CT (3 p.m. UTC) through Monday, May 29 at 10 a.m. CT (3 p.m. UTC) on Steam, PS4, and PS5. Right now, there are 5 different Classes or Characters for you to choose and play as, each with their own flair and style and a 6th one has been teased.

In this short guide, we’ll look closer into each of of the 6 classes.

Wayfinder Classes:

  2. SILO
  3. NISS
  4. SENJA
  5. KYROS


This guy’s a holy warrior, think of a crusading knight with divine powers. He wears powerful enchanted armor and is deeply devoted to entities called the Architects. He’s your frontline warrior, shielding your crew, tackling enemies, and standing as a beacon of hope and righteousness.

Wingrave Class in Wayfinder

Wingrave thrives in the heart of battle. He’s not just a bruiser, though. He’s also there to back up his buddies, throwing up shields of light, patching up their injuries, and at the same time serving divine justice on any evildoer that steps too close.

His abilities include:

  • Righteous Strike: When he strikes an enemy, a healing wave erupts and tops up his health and that of nearby teammates.
  • Healing Pulse: Landing a finishing move in hand-to-hand combat heals him and an ally close by.

His signature weapon is the Bastion, which is essentially a holy artifact. This weapon holds the names of the Architects, and with faith, you can channel their power. With the Bastion, he can execute a Power Bash, a shield bash that deals heavy damage and can break enemy defenses.

The backstory is that Wingrave was an Archon Templar before the world turned sour, defending the empire from the threats of a place called the Maze. His echo, likely his spirit or memory, is what gets reborn, and he’s carrying some heavy past. There’s a dark history involving the Empire and the Archons, and the game reveals that not everything in the Maze was a monster. They even reference a horrific event where monks were massacred.

You, as the player, will uncover these secrets and make choices that shape Wingrave’s destiny. He gets a shot at redemption, a chance to truly embody his ideals, and become the hero he was meant to be. The game isn’t just about combat, but also about character growth and making moral decisions. That’s the real deal.


Next up is Silo. He is fast and accurate, a rogue who enjoys facing difficult odds. He was born into a family of smugglers and now uses those skills to battle against the Gloom.

Silo Class in Wayfinder

In combat, he’s known as The Tactician. He easily alternates between melee and ranged combat, and his strength lies in this versatility. Silo possesses various tactical tools: he can distract enemies with illusions, slow them with oil, or burn them with fire, triggering deadly chain reactions.

His abilities are:

  • Fire Bomb: He throws a fire bomb that sets enemies ablaze, dealing continuous damage. If used with his Oil Bomb, it triggers a chain reaction.
  • Strategic Advantage: This passive ability allows him to deal more damage to enemies that have been debuffed (affected by negative status effects).

His signature weapon is the Longshot, made by the first Shrike, Salan Vex. Silo’s weapon ability is Dead Eye, where three weak spots appear on every enemy within range. Hitting these weak spots results in high damage and guaranteed critical hits.

Before the Gloomfall, Silo was part of the Shrike Syndicate, a group of smugglers and mercenaries. He’s an expert marksman with a knack for explosives and arcane gadgets. His real name is Silas Vex, and he was expected to lead the Syndicate due to his family’s status.

Silo’s a witty rogue, always ready with a joke or a swift blade. He recalls grand heists and feasts with the people of Westreach. Now, as an echo returned from the Gloom, his memories are fragmented. Silo doesn’t recall what happened to his parents or how he ended up in Skylight when the Gloomfall hit. In this shattered world, the Shrikes have become a menace.


Niss is like a shadow assassin, using darkness both as her armor and her weapon. She’s from an ancient race known as the Deep Eldren, who ended up serving some bad guys called the Precursors. When Niss and her people resisted these Precursors, her family got eliminated and she ended up in exile. Now, she’s all about revenge on the Precursors and isn’t too concerned about humans.

Niss Class in Wayfinder

Her style of combat is like a dance, weaving around her enemies, using a cloak of shadows for defense, and dealing out damage with her spectral blades.

Her abilities include:

  • Shadow Step: She dashes, damaging enemies in her path. After a delay, a clone made of Gloom follows her dash, dealing more damage.
  • Lingering Shadow: After she dodges an attack, her attack power increases for a while.

Her signature weapon is Night’s Edge, a pair of ancestral blades of the Duskal Eldren. These daggers are bound with spirits that will attack enemies for a worthy wielder. Her weapon ability is Daggerfall, where she conjures multiple magical daggers that float around her and attack enemies that come too close.

The backstory is a bit intense. The Eldren are the original inhabitants of the world, born from the blood of Infinites in a war. Niss, a Deep Eldren, learned to manipulate shadows at a young age, creating shields and weapons. But the Eldren are fading away. An ancient being called the Mother of Shadows offered them strength if they served her. Most accepted but Niss and her clan didn’t, leading to their slaughter. Niss is now out for revenge on the Precursors.

Niss is a grim and silent warrior, popping out of the shadows to take down enemies. As an echo back from the Gloom, there are gaps in her memory. She doesn’t remember much about her time in exile, and she’s not sure how she survived her confrontation with the Mother of Shadows. However, those memories might return as you progress in the game.


Senja is a gladiator class in the game. She was the greatest gladiator in the Imperial Arena before she was swallowed by the Gloom. Senja hails from a distant place called the Dominion of the Seven Winds and is the last of a warrior group known as the Iron Sisters. She fights using storm and steel.

Senja Class in Wayfinder

When it comes to fighting, Senja loves close combat and she’s able to manipulate storm energy to either pull enemies closer or send them flying with a lightning burst.

She’s got some key abilities:

  • Gladiator Pummel: This ability lets her punch forward and then showboat, which means she makes a big display of her skills. When she releases her punch, she also buffs her next weapon attack. If she fully showboats, her next punch deals more damage.
  • Crowd Favorite: This is her passive ability. By holding her Gladiator Pummel and Gain Favor abilities, Senja can showboat, which makes her unstaggerable, reduces the damage she takes, and increases the Crowd’s Favor. The higher the Crowd’s Favor, the more attack damage and ability power she gets.

Her signature weapon is called Colossus, which is a special weapon used by champions of the Imperial Arena in major matches. Using it against enemies like goblins and Shrikes is considered an insult.

Her weapon ability is Gladiator Slice, which performs a quick melee attack that buffs her next ability. If she uses Gladiator Slice again, it becomes an Empowered Gladiator Slice that deals additional damage, up to two times.

In her backstory, Senja is a popular figure in the Avar Imperium and the best champion to have ever fought in the arena. She enjoys battle because it distracts her from her pain. She can still summon the storm despite being far from home, and the loss of her fellow Iron Sisters deeply affects her.

She’s not one to talk about what happened to them, but it’s clear that their demise was devastating for her and it’s what led her to the distractions of the arena. Now that the Gloom has consumed the arena, she’s looking for a new battle, with the Gloom being the biggest enemy.

As an echo that has returned from the Gloom, there are things she doesn’t remember. She remembers fighting with the Iron Sisters but can’t recall exactly how they fell. She remembers numerous arena battles, but she can’t remember every enemy she fought. It’s possible that forgotten enemies could come back to haunt her.


Kyros is a wizard from a forgotten civilization. He’s turned his body into pure mystical energy, and he’s got serious arcane firepower. Even though his people have vanished, he’s taken up the task of protecting the remaining world from the Gloom.

Kyros Class in Wayfinder

Kyros likes to keep his distance in combat, but when he throws down, he’s got massive mystical power to back him up. He can scatter enemies with raw energy blasts or slam them with a big shockwave.

He’s got a few special abilities:

  • Savage Rake: This move lets Kyros tear up the ground with violent energy, hitting all enemies in front of him. He can use something known as Arcane Fragments to cast Savage Rake without paying any cost.
  • Arcane Fragments: This is a passive ability. Kyros can generate these Arcane Fragments by using Siphon Radiant on enemies and landing combo finishers. The Arcane Fragments automatically get consumed to give him extra charges of Savage Rake.

Kyros’ signature weapon is Epitaph, a creation of the infamous Mother of Shadows. Epitaph drains the essence of Kyros’ enemies while also causing them physical harm. It even whispers to you, pushing you into the fight.

His weapon has a special ability called Arcane Harvest. It’s a spinning slash that deals damage in a 360-degree arc and siphons Ability Power from enemies, increasing Kyros’ Ability Power for each enemy hit.

Kyros’ backstory paints him as the last remnant of the Kingdom of Ashes, a once glorious civilization. He remembers being a scientist and learning to transcend his flesh to become pure energy. He carries immense power but remains a scientist at heart, set on understanding the Gloom to stop it from wiping out other civilizations.

Despite being a formidable warmage and a brilliant researcher, he’s been in the void for centuries and has forgotten a lot. He doesn’t remember what happened to his people, how his nation became the Kingdom of Ashes, or if he was involved in its downfall. He’s got questions and believes the answers are out there, waiting to be discovered.


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