Best Trade Routes with Highest Profits in Wartales

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Here’s a simple guide to trading in Wartales that shows you where you should buy trade goods and where to sell them. Keep in mind that with new updates to the game, prices can vary or new territories can be added but largely, 3 main principles covered in this guide remain unchanged:
  1. Where to Buy
  2. Where to Sell
  3. Never to Buy anything in Gosenberg
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  • Buy at Stromkapp, Garussa, or New-Asthel (for 45).
  • Sell at Cortia (for 74) or Gosenberg (for 79).
Image of Amber (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Cortia (for 90).
  • Sell at Garussa (for 198) or Gosenberg (for 197).
Image of Gems (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Cortia, Garussa, or New-Asthel (for 67).
  • Sell at Marheim (for 120) or Brownrock (for 125).
Image of Pelts (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Stromkapp (for 67).
  • Sell at Garussa (for 127) or New-Asthel (for 125).
Image of Pottery (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Marheim (for 67).
  • Sell at Cortia (for 129), Garussa (for 120), or New-Asthel (for 120).
Image of Scrolls (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Marheim (for 90).
  • Sell at Cortia (for 172) or New-Asthel (for 161).
Image of Silver (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Cortia, Marheim, or Garussa (for 45).
  • Sell at Gosenberg (for 68) or New-Asthel (for 80).
Image of Spice (Trade Goods) in Wartales


  • Buy at Stromkapp or New-Asthel (for 45).
  • Sell at Garussa (for 84) or Gosenberg (for 81).
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Latest Map (Updated)

Here is an updated map for trading – Includes (Gosenberg) Grinmeer Province and (New-Asthel) Drombach County.
Latest Updated Wartales World Map (for trade routes)
Updated Wartales Map

Travel Duration

Lastly, to give you an idea of the travel distance between, here is the time it takes to travel between the above mentioned trading posts. (Note: this is missing the trade post of New-Asthel)
Cortia0 days, 0 hours1 day, 2 hours1 day, 22 hours3 days, 4 hours3 days, 4 hours
Stromkapp1 day, 2 hours0 days, 0 hours20 hours2 days, 2 hours2 days, 2 hours
Marheim1 day, 22 hours20 hours0 days, 0 hours1 day, 6 hours1 day, 6 hours
Garussa3 days, 4 hours2 days, 2 hours1 day, 6 hours0 days, 0 hours2 days, 12 hours
Grosenberg3 days, 4 hours2 days, 2 hours1 day, 6 hours2 days, 12 hours0 days, 0 hours