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The Creeper King at Drombach Tomb is a formidable creature in Wartales. He (it?) is able to effortlessly launch really wide AOE attacks, pushes stabbers back, do multiple attacks per turn all while self-healing too. So how does one defeat him?

The basic idea to beat the Misshapen Creeper is to use a tank (with armor), to distract and engage the creature in close combat while keeping other units at a safe distance to attack the enemy creature from range without being hit. By doing so, your tank will absorb most of the Creeper’s attacks while your units can damage it without taking too much damage themselves.


Equip your tank with the Alazar mace, which doubles guard, or use a Temperance Brute tank. Then, attack the boss with percentage-based damage attacks, such as bombs from a Tracker Savage. By carefully managing aggro and employing percentage-based damage attacks, you can successfully defeat the formidable Creeper King.

Image showing Creeper King's stats and skills in Wartales
Creeper King is a Formidable Foe Indeed

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Defeating the Creeper King:

Follow these steps:

  1. Use a tank with deflection to keep the Creeper King occupied. A merc should use Ovation early on to grant enough movement for your party to attack and retreat out of the range of the boss’s AOE attacks. Applying bleeding and poison effects can also help.
  2. Equip your tank with maximum armor. A specific mace and a common belt can provide up to an 80% guard bonus.
  3. Creeper King has two main attacks, a 2 meter AOE that he spams, sometimes multiple times in a row, and a once-per-round 5 meter pull that also immobilizes enemies. To mitigate the second attack, you have two options: either block with the tank to protect allies from being dragged in, or trigger the boss’s repulsion ability by attacking him while he’s surrounded. After triggering repulsion, lock him in with a tank again.

Party Size

Depending on your party size, there are two primary strategies to defeat the Creeper King.

Small Party (4-6 members): Focus on stacking damage over time (DoT) effects on the boss. A well-built poisoner can stack 16+ poisons in a single round, along with bleed and fire effects, which should bring the boss down by the end of the round.

Large Party (8+ members): Utilize oil and DoT synergy to deal with the longer round duration. Two powerful oils to consider are the explosive oil (recipe found in Ludern) and the bleeding oil (recipe found in Drombach). Use rogues or berserkers to deal multiple attacks, focusing on triggering the oils’ effects rather than base damage.

Image shows Wartales player taking on the Creeper King
Use a Tank. Move in Hit Hard. Move Out.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep only one armored tank in melee range of the boss. If your tank has the belt from Grinmeer’s arena, it prevents them from being pushed back.
  • The Creeper King can scale up to 10k HP or more, depending on your party size. The basic tactic is to have your tank absorb damage while the rest of the party moves in to attack and retreats out of the AOE zone.
  • If your party is too large, allies may disrupt your strategy by causing the Creeper King to pull them in or immobilize everyone.
  • The best tank for this fight is a brute with temperance, providing deflection and riposte. Make sure to equip a shield, as without it, the brute will go down quickly. If needed, add fortify oil and a belt for additional damage reduction.
  • Ensure that only the tank remains in the Creeper King’s AOE zone, as failing to do so can lead to a chaotic and difficult battle.

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