How to Capture & Tame Animals in Wartales

How to Capture Animal Companions in Wartales

In Wartales, capturing and taming animal companions such as wolves, bears, and boars is a well-known feature. These tamed animals become your allies, fighting by your side as part of your party. Although all animals in Wartales can be captured, Leaders and Ghosts are the exceptions.In Wartales, players capture and tame animals by finding a rope, weakening the animal in combat, and then capturing it. Different animals have different strengths: bears are effective tanks, wolves inflict bleed, crocswines bleed even armored enemies, and warhorses boost movement.

Capturing Animal Companions

To capture animals ,what you’re going to need is rope which you can find in various locations, such as towns, from farmers, or simply by scavenging. Its always best to start with an ample supply of rope (3 for boars, 3 for wolves, 5 for bears). Once you have the rope, head over to the forest to find some wild animals.
Capturing & Taming Animal Companions in Wartales
Capturing & Taming Animal Companions in Wartales
Only Rangers and Archers can capture animals by engaging them in combat. To capture them, you’re first going to want to deal a lot of damage to the creature, up to the point where it has reduced health (less than 50%).This is when it is weak and at this point you can strategically position another character to either the side or back of the animal, and a new a new prompt reading “Capture an Animal” should become available. Use the rope you earlier found and you will be able to capture the beast. The lower the target’s health, the higher the chances of successfully capturing it.Lastly, captured animals get injured after combat, so its better to have medicine on hand to heal them after capturing.Related: High Profit Trade Routes in Wartales

What Animals can be captured?

  1. Bears
  2. Rats
  3. Mole Rats
  4. Boars
  5. Dominant Sows (Boars)
  6. Crocswines
  7. Wolves (and Alpha Wolves)
  8. Ponies
  9. Mosquitoes

Best Animals to Capture

When it comes to combat animals in Wartales, Bears and Alpha Wolves stand out as the best options.
  1. Bears: Bears prove to be especially effective tanks from level 8 and beyond and are able to generate 1VP per companion from level 3 and beyond. But do note that they require12 food each.
  2. Wolves: Wolves, on the other hand, excel at attacking unarmored, engaged enemies due to their ability to inflict bleed – making them particularly potent against Bears. Alpha Wolves are particularly great for their crazy high crit hit rate.
  3. Crocswines: Crocswine surpass wolves in effectiveness since they inflict bleed regardless of the presence of armor on the target. Note that Crocswines require 8 food per creature.
  4. Warhorses: Upon reaching level 8, warhorses provide valuable buffs. Each of them add an additional 3 movement points to every unit, providing a continuous and free ovation. This results in a movement boost of up to 60 for most of the time. For this reason warhorses are the best choice amongst the non-attack animals.
Alpha Wolves have High Crit Hit Rate
Alpha Wolves have High Crit Hit Rate

Where to find animals?

  • Bears can be encountered alongside Harag Guard Patrols (ideally fought near the Gathouse to Ludern to avoid poisonous swamp encounters), in Bear Claw Cave, and randomly spawning in forests around Ludern.
  • Two frequent spawn locations include the forest just beyond Ludern Gatehouse and the forest adjacent to the small tracker camp near Ludern Tomb.
  • Harag guards not only offer exceptional loot but also have wolves and boars accompanying them.


Combat Strategy:
  1. Wolves are unable to equip weapons or armor, so you’ll need to protect them and provide healing support as necessary. Unlike humans, wolves don’t enter a dying state; once their HP reaches zero, they’re gone.
  2. Wolves with Willpower over 12 now function like humans in terms of combat mechanics.
  3. The Licking Wounds upgrade heals 30% of max HP and removes all debuffs, while the Carnivorous upgrade heals 50% HP upon killing an enemy.
  4. Wolves can learn First Aid from skillbooks.
  5. The level 5 Beastmaster skill provides a 5% max health heal at the end of the Archer’s turn. Make sure to move the Beastmaster character last to heal all wolves. A second Beastmaster can provide a 10% heal per turn.
  6. Wolves have a skill tree, and it is beneficial to focus on Movement and Willpower (up to 12).
  7. Pack perk provides a 50% critical hit chance. Alphas autocrit against bleeding targets.
  8. Wolves cause bleeding when hitting unarmored enemies, while Alphas autocrit against bleeding enemies.
  9. Base tile size for wolves is 1.5 times that of humans, making it easier to block them off but also allowing them to create effective barricades.
Pack Strategy:
  1. Use wolves in packs to hunt prey, not opponents. They excel against enemy Archers, especially isolated ones.
  2. Take the Pack Crit perk for optimal results with three or more wolves.
  3. Self-Sacrifice support wolves grant 30% damage reduction to allies in contact with the wolf base tile at the cost of Fragility to the wolf.
  4. Alphas don’t need Pack Crit perk, and can be assigned as Self-Sacrificers.
  5. Equip Alphas with Tooth Collar items for extra damage output.
  6. Wolves can be assigned as Lieutenants, allowing them to use Tactical Orders and provide support with Self-Sacrifice and First Aid.
More uses of Wolves:
  1. Wolves can carry up to 20 pounds of cargo using Saddlebags.
  2. Equipping wolves with Horseshoes increases travel speed by 3% per wolf.
  3. Wolf meat can be used to make sausages and jerky, offering lighter food options for your squad.