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In Volcano Princess, a common source of confusion among players revolves around the Horse Race. Despite fulfilling the apparent requirements such as having enough money and energy, many find themselves wondering how to enter the horse race.

How to Enter the Horse Race

To participate in the horse race in Volcano Princess, you must first own a horse. While the game might indicate that no horses are required, that could be a bit misleading. You’re indeed required to have your horse to participate in the race.

As you progress in the game, you will be given the opportunity to capture a horse for yourself. You can capture a horse at the location where rowing training is conducted. Once you’ve successfully caught a horse, you will be able to enter the race.

Image showing a game dialog in Volcano Princess about entering the horse race
Entering the Horse Race

Horse Catching Bug (Crash/Freeze)

Some players are facing a bug where the game freezes or crashes when attempting to catch a horse for the first time. The developers are aware and are actively working on a fix for this issue.

In the meantime, here’s a potential workaround: try catching the horse after the start of a new month in the game. This way, if the game crashes, you won’t lose your progress. Also, re-verifying the game files on Steam seems to have resolved the issue for some players, so it’s worth giving that a try as well.

Image showing in-game map from Volcano Princess that shows a place called Wild Horse Lake, where players can go to find and capture wild horses
Horses can be captured at Wild Horse Lake

How to catch a Horse?

To catch a horse, you’ll need to go to Wild Horse Lake, which becomes available at a certain stage in the game. There, you’ll find three bushes. Small bushes usually contain an animal that you can catch and gift to someone (but beware, it’ll run away the next day if it’s still in your inventory). The other bushes contain horses.

Catching a horse requires either stamina or mind, depending on the horse’s temperament. Calm horses can be caught using stamina, while angry horses require the use of mind.

Capturing Horses in Volcano Princess
Step 1: Go hunting for Wild Horses
Dialog box showing 3 bushes at Wild Horse Lake in Volcano Princess
Step 2: 3 Bushes at Wild Horse Lake (Select #2 or #3)
Using stamina, and mind to capture a horse in Volcano Princess
Step 3: Capture the Horse. Use Stamina / Mind.

Horses are divided into three levels based on the mind requirement: 10-40, 40-70, and 70-100. The higher your mind level, the longer you can stay in the process of catching a horse of a higher level. Hope this helps.

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