Veiled Experts Tier List: Ranking Agents from Best to Worst

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Here’s a Tier List of all 10 Agents featured in Veiled Experts ranking them best (S-Tier) to worst (D-Tier).

Who is the best agent?

Tier Lists are subjective takes on the various aspects of the game (agents, in this case). Remember, the usefulness of each character’s abilities may depend on your playstyle and the overall team strategy. Based on my playstyle and personal preference, I find Young Sik to be the best agent in the game.Where do the other agents fall in order from best to worst? Let’s look at the tier list.
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Agent Tier List:


  • Young Sik has a scanning ability that works like wallhack every two or three seconds within a 30-meter radius. He can also defuse or plant a bomb faster than other agents.


  • Soy has three different abilities. She can heal teammates, recharge their shields, or scan enemies. However, Soy’s scanning ability is shorter than Young Sik’s.
  • One of Nicki’s abilities is to revive herself, which gives her a higher kill-death ratio. However, as players have become more experienced, they make sure to finish Nicki off first. Nicki also has a gambling ability, which can bring great returns if you’re lucky but requires at least 50 coins to use.
  • Luna has an ability to heal herself if her health goes below 30. She also has an ability to heal herself each time she hits an enemy with her gun. But apart from these, she lacks potential for helping her teammates.


  • Lily has an ability that enables her to buy weapons at discounted prices, depending on how many times she uses her signature actions. If downed, she can still use her primary weapon. Lily can rank higher if playing with good teammates she can communicate with, but in solo or casual play, her utility seems to be limited.
  • Similar to Simon, Jack gets a free pistol in the first round and can use the saved money to invest in team upgrades. Jack has a unique ability where, upon a teammate’s death, he regains 50 shields, albeit with a cooldown. Jack’s other ability includes reloading his pistols faster, and if he’s the last remaining team member, he gets an additional 50 shields. Jack’s abilities seem to be more useful in early rounds.
  • Dimitry has the ability to get a free MPX at the second round, saving him the need to buy weapons. He can use this saved money to invest in team upgrades. Dimitry can also move quickly to spots with his signature action.


  • Tyrone has 80% explosive resistance, which makes him tanky. He can revive a teammate in just one second and also with full health. Tyrone’s signature action significantly reduces recoil for the weapons he’s using.


  • Known for the highest knife damage, saving money early on by not buying pistols and instead using his knife. He can invest the saved money in team upgrades. Simon also has the ability to steal unused money from defeated enemies, providing his team with a possible early game advantage. However, the strategy isn’t often viable as most players tend to use all available money at the beginning of a round.
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