Veiled Experts Map Guide for all Maps with Aerial Views

At the time of writing this guide, Veiled Experts has 7 Maps of which 4 are old and 3 are new. In this guide, we will discuss in detail about how to approach all 7 of these locations and look at all maps from an aerial pov.

List of Maps:

  1. Derailed
  2. Windfarm
  3. Shipyard
  4. Bridge
  5. Alta City
  6. Wheat Field
  7. Korea Town

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Derailed Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Derailed

This map is set in a mountainous area with a construction site at the center, which acts as a key control point in the game.

As an attacker, you start on the mountain ridge. It’s crucial for you to take advantage of this high ground to identify weak spots in the enemy’s positions.

On the other hand, defenders begin facing the construction site. Here, you can go inside the construction site to establish a defensive perimeter. Alternatively, you can use the various structures in the area to formulate a defense strategy that the enemy won’t see coming.

The main control point of Derailed is an unfinished building with three floors. You can scale the wall to enter, or use a zip line on the second floor for swift movement to other structures in the area.

Derailed comes with its own environmental challenges – rain, wind, and a gloomy atmosphere. You should adjust your strategy to accommodate these environmental elements. For example, you might use the weather conditions to mask your movements or disorient your enemies.

You can use gear like scanned grenade to reveal hidden enemies. Timing is crucial with this – pop it at the right moment to give yourself the maximum advantage. You can also invest in team upgrades to unlock the thermal scope before the opposing team, which can give you a serious edge by letting you spot enemies based on their heat signatures.


Windfarm Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Windfarm

Windfarm is set in a desert, where a power plant complex serves as your battlefield. Each team starts in separate buildings, and most of the action happens on the road between these buildings. Be wary of the vehicles scattered on the road. They can provide cover, but once they take too much damage, they explode.

If you’re on the attacking team, strategize about the best route to take. You could try to outnumber the defenders in an engagement, or you could choose a more bold strategy and go for a surprise direct assault.

Defenders, on the other hand, should take advantage of the high vantage points, like rooftops, to scout out attackers’ movements. It’s a good idea to either climb a building up front or stay close to the road to keep an eye on the enemy’s position and relay this information to your team.

During rounds 2, 4, and 6, a severe windstorm limits visibility for everyone. This would be a good time to equip a thermal scope, which can help see through the weather conditions.

Communication is key in this map. If you spot an enemy, make sure to ping their location to your team, especially during the sandstorm rounds. This kind of coordination could be the deciding factor between victory or defeat.


Shipyard Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Shipyard

This map features a ship under construction, offering different areas perfect for intense combat scenarios.

The ship is divided into three parts and is flanked by roads on both sides. The front of the ship (the bow) is elevated and features a lower level path for a different approach to battle.

As an attacker, you’ll start out facing the bow of the ship. You have a choice here: you can either access the ship from the side along either route, or you can climb over the structures at the front for a quicker boarding of the ship. However, remember that the wooden panels can be destroyed if they’re attacked, which might expose you to enemy fire.

As a defender, you’ll start out facing the rear of the ship (the stern). You can either attempt to reach the ship’s bow before the attackers do or opt to set up camp in the middle of the ship. The latter strategy gives you a good view in all directions, helping you monitor and respond to enemy movements.

The shipyard map features multiple pathways, enabling various approach strategies. Side roads allow you to take a detour and infiltrate deeper into enemy territory, and the lower level path can help you sneak in and disrupt enemy formations.

If you’re skilled with a sniper, you can take advantage of the high points provided by the rooftops and cranes. The spot on the crane is a hot spot for snipers because it offers a vantage point from which you can cover more than half of the map.

Interesting to note, the ship’s bow can be destroyed, causing it to lose its balance and tilt downward. As you progress in your mission on this map, make sure to consider these changes in the terrain and how they might affect your strategy.


Bridge Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Bridge

The map design is pretty straightforward – you’ll be facing your opponents head-on as soon as the battle starts. Because the teams start fairly close to each other, grenades and gas grenades are extremely useful in this scenario.

For strategic points, you’ll notice that the highest structures on the road are prime spots for snipers from both teams. So, it’s important to stay vigilant around these areas. There’s only one target area for the bomb, and getting there can be tricky. However, you can use the stairs to stealthily maneuver around to the enemy’s rear and disrupt their concentration on the map’s center. This tactic can be handy when the attacking team tries to plant the bomb.

The defending team, on the other hand, should be prepared to thwart these attempts from an optimal distance. A good defense strategy is crucial in this mode.

You’ll encounter sea fog on the bridge, which can intermittently obstruct your vision. This can set the stage for surprise attacks, so keep your guard up! To counteract this, make sure to utilize the various throwing weapons at your disposal. They could be key to your success in the foggy conditions.


Alta City Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Alta City

Alta City is a map where your battles happen in an urban setting, centered around a gallery located in the city’s heart. This map offers a unique experience with its potential for diverse strategy formulation.

One notable feature of the Alta City map is the presence of large LPG tanks. These tanks can be destroyed to bring down nearby structures. This destruction not only changes the physical landscape of the map but also opens new paths, adding a dynamic aspect to the game.

The main building within this map is structured with a first and second floor, along with a rooftop. These different levels provide various vantage points for you, and can be used for both defensive and offensive strategies.

Additionally, environmental factors in Alta City and the game’s climbing action contribute significantly to strategic gameplay. You’re not limited to just ground-level combat; climbing allows you to access higher areas, providing additional angles of attack or defense and making the gameplay more varied and interesting.


Wheat Field Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Wheat Field

This map has a unique feature which is the high visibility over the entire area, which leads to faster-paced battles.

However, there is also a tactical element involved: enemies can hide in the wheat fields, so you always need to stay alert and watchful.

A notable aspect of the Wheat Field map is the large hay bales scattered throughout the field. These can only be destroyed through explosive damage, making them substantial barriers or cover in your gameplay.

Like in other maps, most of the objects you’ll find here can be destroyed. A key example of this is the rooftop of the central house, which can be entirely blown up by exploding the gas tank inside the house. This potential for extensive structural damage allows for an additional level of strategy and unpredictability in the gameplay.

Overall, this map demands both strategic foresight and fast reaction times, as players will have to navigate and adapt to the changing landscape while engaging in quick, highly visible battles.

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Korea Town Map Veiled Experts
Aerial View of Korea Town

Korea Town presents a unique battlefield situated in a nighttime city setting, providing a visually engaging backdrop for your gameplay.

The primary areas of conflict in Korea Town occur in narrow alleys situated between commercial buildings. This layout could mean more close-quarters combat, necessitating careful navigation and strategic use of the limited space.

Like the other 2 new maps, Korea Town too has an abundance of destructible objects. This means more possibilities for dynamic altering of the physical environment as the game progresses.

Additionally, helicopters periodically crash down onto the map. These are not scripted events, but occur randomly. When a helicopter crashes, it can destroy overpasses, further altering the map’s structure. The fact that these events happen randomly each round makes every game on this map a unique experience and adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the gameplay.

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