List of All the Weapons in Trepang2

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Trepang2 is an exhilarating first-person shooter game set in the near future where the player assumes the role of a super-enhanced soldier, who, after escaping a blacksite facility with the help of a mysterious group, sets out on a mission of vengeance. The protagonist’s arsenal includes formidable weapons that leave a trail of gory destruction in their wake, dismembering enemies and splattering blood everywhere.The story of Trepang2 revolves around a memory-less soldier who possesses superior combat abilities and who is referred to in the game as subject 106. This soldier is hell-bent on exacting revenge on his enemies, using a powerful array of guns & grenades that don’t just kill but obliterate the enemies, leaving nothing but bloody remains. Let’s delve into the inventory of these deadly weapons:

List of Guns:

SL8 DMR Sniper Rifle

The SL8 DMR rifle is the sniper’s best friend in Trepang2. Ideal for engaging targets from a distance, this rifle provides the soldier with the ability to adapt to different situations with precision.The SL8 DMR is known for its deadly one-shot, one-kill capability. Whether a Horizon soldier steps into view or an enemy dares to approach closely, the SL8 rifle is ready to deliver the fatal shot, leaving a mess and instilling regret.The SL8 DMR Sniper Rifle: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

Kriss Vector SMG

For the soldier who prefers fast, efficient guerrilla warfare, the Kriss Vector SMG is a perfect choice. This submachine gun is a room-clearing powerhouse, equipped with a 50-round magazine, capable of surprising Horizon soldiers with an unrelenting flurry of bullets.When it comes to weapons, the Kriss Vector is as complementary to our soldier protagonist as peanut butter is to jelly.Kriss Vector SMG: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

SPAS-12 Shotgun

The SPAS-12 shotgun is a must-have weapon in “Trepang2” for those who enjoy close quarters combat. It’s a deadly weapon that annihilates anyone unlucky enough to be within range, blasting their bodies to pieces.When the protagonist wields the SPAS-12, Horizon soldiers understand the inevitable – their impending and brutal demise. The SPAS-12 represents pure, unforgiving destruction, capable of creating a terrifying scene of gore and devastation.Spas 12 Shotgun: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

VHS2 Assault Rifle

The VHS, which stands for Višenamjenska Hrvatska Strojnica or “multifunctional Croatian machine gun,” is a type of assault rifle designed and made by a Croatian company called HS Produkt that uses 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition.An upgraded version, the VHS-2, came out in April 2013. Then, in January 2022, it was shared that the US company Springfield Armory, Inc. will start bringing the VHS-2 into the US under the name “Hellion.”The VHS2 Assault Rifle: List of All Weapons in Trepang2


The Minigun: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

MK23 Pistol

The MK23 pistol is a reliable ally in the soldier’s crusade of unadulterated annihilation. A powerful semi-automatic with an incredibly high accuracy, it stands as a testament to precision shooting.This firearm is as effective when used with a silencer in stealth mode as when dual-wielded for a more chaotic and ruthless approach. The MK23 pistol ensures every bullet fired results in the swift dispatch of the unfortunate Horizon soldiers, sending them into the eternal abyss.MK23 Pistol: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

Bolt Launcher (Penetrator) Penetrator aka Bolt Launcher: List of All Weapons in Trepang2


Hand Grenade: List of All Weapons in Trepang2


Molotov: List of All Weapons in Trepang2


Tomahawk: List of All Weapons in Trepang2

Other Weapons

Besides these, a list of other throwables like throwing knives and flashbangs are also in the game in addition to some guns from previous demos which may or may not make it into the final game: plasma gun, heavy sniper, VHS AR, and a possible rocket launcher.Immerse yourself in a riveting world of gore, action, and revenge. This first-person shooter promises an unforgettable experience, amplified by its wide array of formidable weapons.Prepare yourself for the fight of your life as Subject 106 breaks free from his chains today on June 21, 2023.