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Here’s a comprehensive guide on the exciting character classes in Torchlight Infinite! Below, we take a deeper look at unique abilities, playstyles, and hero traits of each class, providing you with valuable insights to help you choose the perfect class for the new season.

Before we dive in, a short but important emphasis on the point that any Tier List (including this) is subjective and based on personal preference and play style. There isn’t a single best class in this game since all classes are equally strong. Feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

Tier List:

  1. S-Tier
  2. A-Tier
  3. B-Tier
  4. New Heroes



Berserker Rehan in Torchlight Infinite
Rehan (Tier S)
  • A fast melee-based warrior that excels at close-range combat and has devastating AOE attacks.
  • His hero trait involves gaining rage which can be consumed to enter berserk mode, increasing attack damage, speed, and movement speed.


Frostfire Gemma in Torchlight Infinite
Gemma (Tier S)
  • A mage class with dual-building capabilities, launching powerful ice and fire attacks.
  • Her hero trait involves gaining fire or ice energy which can be used to deal massive amounts of damage.



Cateye Erika in Torchlight Infinite
Erika (Tier A)
  • Fast and agile in combat, Erika dodges attacks and launches critical strikes.
  • After moving a certain distance, Erika will enter the Cat’s Agility status, move even faster, have a higher chance to Multistrike, and deal more damage.


Spacetime Witness Youga in Torchlight Infinite
Youga (Tier A)
  • A martial artist with space-time magic, who can exploit enemy attacks with sneaky and deadly combos.
  • His hero trait revolves around consuming mana to gain time and space energy points, which can be used to create a warp space-time that buffs allies.



Divivineshot Carino in Torchlight Infinite
Carino (Tier B)
  • A ranged attacker who relies on dodging bullet projectiles.
  • His hero trait involves reloading his weapon every 6 shots, with skills and passives that can give faster reloading time and special ammo with increased damage.


Commander Moto in Torchlight Infinite
Moto (Tier B)
  • A summoner class that relies on minions to deal damage. The minions are powerful pets that do most of the fighting for you.
  • The hero trait involves commanding minions to attack, with increased damage when the energy bar is full. This means you spend most of your time buffing and managing the minions while keeping your character safe.
  • This is perhaps the best starting class that can be recommended for most beginners in this game since it is relatively easier to play. But for that very reason, seasoned players may find the class boring and less challenging.

New Heroes


Oracle Thea in Torchlight Infinite
Thea (Season 2 Hero)
  • A new upcoming class that revolves around different buffs or blessings.
  • Her hero trait involves receiving blessings and consuming them for damage buffs, with a special buff called “god punishment” that deals massive damage to enemies.


Escapist Bing in Torchlight Infinite
Bing (Season 3 Hero)
  • Another brand new Season 3 Hero who can pack a large number of projectiles into his exquisite and dangerous bombs, dealing deadly damage by throwing multiple bombs at once and detonating them in an instant.

Torchlight Infinite offers a fantastic variety of character classes, each with its own distinct playstyle, abilities, and hero traits. As you play around with different builds and strategies, you’ll find that the game’s diverse class selection caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for all kinds of players.

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