How to get and use Rigs in The Outlast Trials

Reagents in The Outlast Trials comes equipped with an Experimental Special Operations Platform, also known as an ESOP. This ESOP can interface with various “Rigs”, which are essentially pieces of equipment designed to help Reagents get through their therapy.

There’s this NPC called Noakes who is your go-to for these Rigs.

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Who is Cornelius Noakes?

Cornelius Noakes, or just Noakes, is the resident Engineer at the Sinyala Facilities. He’s a bit of a grump, probably because he’s seen some stuff, having been a WW2 air force engineer before being recruited (and apparently kidnapped) by the Murkoff Corporation.

Now he’s stuck in the Sinyala facility helping Reagents with their ESOPs during the Trials. He’s got a trusty sidekick, a taxidermied dog named Tango, who helps him keep his spirits up. Given a chance, Noakes would probably bolt from the facility just like you’d want to.

Find Cornelius Noakes to buy or upgrade Rigs in The Outlast Trials
Cornelius Noakes sells & upgrades Rigs

How to get and use Rigs?

When it comes to getting and using Rigs, you need to be at therapy level 2 first. Then, you gotta find the ‘Bingo Fuel Garage’ shop within the Murkoff Facility.

That’s where you’ll meet Noakes, who can sell you or upgrade your Rigs. To actually use your Rigs, you need to collect “Rig Rechargers” which are large boxes you can find during your trials.

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How many Rigs are there?

There are currently four rigs in the game:

  1. Stun – This one’s a throwable explosive that stuns enemies.
  2. Blind – A mine that releases gas and blinds your enemies.
  3. Heal – This is a health gas Rig. You can use it to heal yourself and your teammates.
  4. X-Ray – Pretty neat this one, it allows you to see enemy skeletal systems through walls.
4 Types of Rigs in The Outlast Trials: Stun, Blind, Heal, and X-Ray
4 Types of Rigs: Stun, Blind, Heal, X-Ray

So, in essence, Rigs are additional equipment you can use to survive in the game, and Noakes is your man for all things Rigs.

You’ll need to level up, find Noakes, and collect Rig Rechargers during your trials to fully utilize these.

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