How to get (unlock) Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials

Prescriptions, also called ‘Rx’, are the stuff you’re going to want in The Outlast Trials. They crank up your physical and mental abilities. And here’s the sweet part – once you buy them from nurse Barlow, they’re active forever. That’s the ‘terminal’ part. It doesn’t mean bad news; it means the buffs are permanent.

Who is nurse Barlow?

Emily Barlow is your in-game pharmacist. Despite all the crazy stuff happening in these Trials, she keeps her cool and her smile. She’s got the Prescriptions, (aka Neuron and Organ Upgrades) approved by Dr. Easterman, to help you out during your therapy.

Nurse Barlow is a believer in these Trials, and thinks Dr. Easterman’s a real genius, and is all about enhancing life with a little chemical boost. Personal stuff? Not her scene. She’s all about keeping things professional amidst the chaos of therapy.

Get Prescriptions from Pharmacist Emily Barlow in The Outlast Trials
Get Prescriptions from Pharmacist Emily Barlow

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How to get Prescriptions?

To get these Prescriptions, you need to chat and buy them from Barlow, but she’s not giving you the time of day until you reach therapy level 3.

That’s basically the game’s way of tracking your XP and leveling up. The more trials you crush, the more XP you gain, and the higher your therapy level gets. You can check your level at the central terminal in the facility. Choose ‘Records’, and you’ll see your therapy level.

Want to level up fast? Buckle up and power through those trials.

Find Nurse Barlow at the Pharmacy Counter to get Prescriptions in Outlast Trials
Find Nurse Barlow at the Pharmacy Counter

How many Prescriptions are there?

In total, there are supposedly 16 Prescriptions available for you to snag. They’re split into two Tiers: 7 in Tier 1 and 9 in Tier 2. How or when you access them might depend on your therapy level or other factors. The goal is clear: level up, chat with Barlow, and start collecting those Prescriptions to amp up your game.

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Neuro & Stim Meds

The closed beta seems to have had nearly 24 Prescriptions (or Meds) divided into 2 categories: Neuro and Stim Meds each further divided into 3 tiers. Obviously, many of these may not make it to the early access. Here are some screenshots sourced from the official discord.


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