How to Unlock & Use Amps in The Outlast Trials

How to unlock and use Amps in The Outlast Trials

Amps in The Outlast Trials are powerful contraband items that can really amp up (no pun intended) your therapy. There’s an NPC named Dorris who’s your source for these Amps.

Who is Dorris?

Dorris is, let’s just say, someone who’s seen a lot in her life. She’s there to help you out in your Trials with her contraband Amps, which she’s managed to gather during her time at the Murkoff Sinyala Facility. Before her time at the facility, she had a tough life in the New York Bowery.These days, Dorris doesn’t participate in the actual Trials but runs an illicit trade of goods inside the “sleep room”. And boy, she’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Only, some of her worst fears have turned out to be just the beginning.
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The NPC Dorris will sell you Amps in The Outlast Trials
Find NPC Dorris to get Amps

Finding Dorris & Using Amps

To score some Amps, you’ll need to seek out Dorris. You can usually find her chilling in the cafeteria on the top floor of the institute. However, Amps aren’t for the rookies – you need to reach therapy level 10 before Dorris will even acknowledge you. That means you need to do a decent chunk of grinding for XP.When setting up your loadout for a Trial, the game lets you pick three Amps to carry along. Amps give you some added edge/abilities during the Trials.As for the total number of Amps available, the game currently has 9 Amps for you to get your hands on.
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