How to beat Morgana in The Mageseeker

Here are 4 specific tips and 2 examples in case you are struggling to beat the boss Morgana (the Veiled Lady) in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

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Morgana - The Veiled Lady in The Mageseeker
Morgana – The Veiled Lady in The Mageseeker

Beating Morgana:

STEP 1 – Don’t Spell Steal: Avoid attempting spell steals with Morgana. She deploys a black shield that protects her against magic damage for a few hits. Using spell steals against her tends to prolong the fight and make it more challenging than it normally is.

STEP 2 – Hit her while she Ultis: With Morgana, there’s a pretty large and obvious window when she lets her guard down and is open to attacks – this is when she is activating her ultimate attack.Hang back, keep your distance and wait for her to approach you. Whenever Morgana approaches you herself, she will always use her ultimate attack. Once she does, go all out on her. Even her ultimate can easily be dodged by hooking yourself out at the last moment. If you get stunned it’s not too big a deal because it won’t cause significant damage.

STEP 3 – Move in and out: With Tip #2 in mind, you want to bait her. To do so, keep moving in and out quickly and repeatedly during the fight. It could take some attempts to master this technique.

STEP 4 – Spam Chain Lash: Lastly, spamming Chain Lash with Heavy and Light attacks can also help you to effectively dodge some of Morgana’s attacks. The Chain Lash can avoid some of the damage, but not all of it. Just be sure to use this technique in combination with others.

Spam Chain Lashes to Beat Morgana
Spam Chain Lashes to Beat Morgana

2 Example Fights:

Normal Difficulty:

King Slayer Difficulty:

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