How to Win All Boss Fights in The Mageseeker

How to defeat all bosses in The Mageseeker League of Legends

There are 13 stages and 17 Boss Fights in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. In this post, we’ll lay out a solid all round strategy and show a demonstration video on how to win all the boss battles in this newYour objective in this League of Legends Spin-Off action RPG is to play as the hero of the story – Sylas to try and liberate Demacia from the tyranny of its Mageseekers. Through your journey and battles, you will combine brutal melee attacks with spell-stealing magic.

The Boss Battles

As already mentioned, in all there are 13 stages and nearly 17 boss battles. This means 13 progressively harder game levels and many bosses to beat in (spoiler alert) one-on-one and many a times one-on-two fights.Also as is the case with the genre, some bosses that Sylas beats return as stronger villains in future levels. Here is the entire list of Sylas’ boss battles.
  1. Polar Lizard
  2. Giant Helm Pt. 1
  3. Sylas’ Nightmare Pt. 1
  4. Kara’s Prison
  5. Warden of the Forest
  6. Morgana
  7. Sylas’ Nightmare Pt. 2
  8. Rattleclaw (Killan)
  9. Garen, Jarvan IV, Jarvan & Shyvana, Shyvana
  10. Wisteria
  11. Morgana
  12. Giant’s Helm Pt. 2, Silverwing Raptor
  13. Wisteria (Final Boss)

Combat Tips to win Boss Fights

Now that we know who our hero has to fight, here are some general all round tips on how to effectively beat these villains in The Mageseeker.The way most players approach boss battles is going in with everything they have and attempting non-stop attacks. This is a poor strategy in general and the odds of defeating even the first boss (Polar Lizard) with this is very low.Here are 4 Tips to incorporate in your combat style to increase your likelihood of winning more fights.
  1. Melee Combat: Master a combination of melee attacks from light and speedy to heavy and brutal. Mixing and chaining your moves and while adapting according to different situations is key to dominating your enemies. Also don’t forget to unlock new and powerful combos with followers that Sylas meets for bonus effects.
    Master all your Melee Attack Combos
    Master all Melee Attack Combos
  2. Spell Casting: Remember the Magic Types and the opposite weaknesses: Fire-Ice, Nature-Wind, Mystic-Storm. Be aware of these opposites and use the right magic type at the right time to deal extra damage.
    Remember the Magic Spell Types and its opposites: Fire-Ice, Nature-Wind, Mystic-Storm
    Remember Magic Spells in Opposites
  3. Spell Steal: While everyone focuses on using their own spells, Sylas’ special ability is stealing enemy’s magic and redirecting its damage back to them. This technique of hijacking and redirecting Magic Spells back at the villain is more efficient than using your own spells since it doesn’t cost mana.
    Stealing Spells is cheaper than Casting Spells
    Stealing Enemy Spells costs no Mana
  4. Keep Moving: Sometimes, boss battles can get very overwhelming which causes players get so immersed in the fight that they forget to move. Remember to not stop, and keep moving. Staying on the move and being unpredictable makes it harder for enemies to get you. Also keep in mind that moving more often also lets you easily utilize your surroundings (walls, pillars, terrain) as cover to dodge and counter attacks.
Here is a video from YouTube user Kakuchopurei demonstrating how to win all the boss fights.