The Gameplay in Lord of the Rings: Gollum is all about Choices

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Let’s talk about the gameplay of the upcoming Lord of the Rings: Gollum game. This one’s been causing quite a buzz with some standout gameplay and mechanics that set it apart from your usual 3D action-adventures. So let’s delve into what makes this game unique.First off, the gameplay promises to be nothing short of incredible. The developers have dropped some fresh gameplay footage, which gives us an exciting glimpse into the world of Middle-earth. This isn’t just another blam-blam action game, it’s about smart mechanics, stealth, and immersive storytelling.
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The central mechanic that really caught my attention in the demo was the ability to make choices as either Gollum or Smeagol. Your decisions as either Gollum or Smeagol will directly influence the story’s progression. Sometimes choosing Smeagol’s path will yield a better outcome, other times, Gollum’s route will be the way to go. If you’re planning to stick with just one persona throughout, brace yourself for some hefty challenges.
The central theme of the new LOTR Gollum Game is the choice mechanic between Gollum & Smeagol
Kill or Save? LOTR Gollum is all about choices
This choice-based mechanic isn’t just about the larger story arcs, but it also shapes your interactions with other characters as the game unfolds. The weight of these choices, knowing they might impact the rest of the game, definitely adds a layer of intensity to the gameplay.But worry not, the game has a feature that lets you replay chapters of the story. So, if you’re ever curious about what could’ve happened had you chosen differently, you can always revisit that part of the story without restarting the game completely.The gameplay looks incredible from the official 38 minute long gameplay footage on YouTube as can be seen below. The mechanics too are set to be a game-changer, standing out from other 3D action games with smart mechanics and stealth elements.
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Get ready to board the hype train and immerse yourself in this exciting journey of choices and consequences in the richly detailed Middle-earth.