How to Recycle Silos in Terra Nil River Valley

Recycling Silos in Terra Nil

Are you finding it difficult to recycle your silos that are out of reach in Terra Nil? I was in the same boat as you and it took me a while to figure it out. Here is how you solve it.In Terra Nil, if you’re unable to recycle silos, the way out of that is using an excavator to dig new rivers and get to them. But the excavator won’t work unless you have a windmill or another building close by. So, build a windmill or another building near your silos to activate the excavator. Then, use the excavator to dig up the area around the silos, set up a loading dock, and clean the area. Keep repeating this process until all the silos are gone.
Can't use excavator because no buildings left
Can’t use Excavator because no buildings left!
If you’ve set up silos all over the place and created loading docks to remove all of your buildings, chances are you’re left with some silos that are inaccessible, and you may need to dig up new rivers to access them. However, the excavator won’t work if you’ve gotten rid of all other buildings. The Airship doesn’t count as a building here.To solve this problem, set up a windmill close to any of the leftover silos and build one or more buildings nearby to activate the excavator. The excavator will only operate within the radius of the windmill or other buildings, so make sure it’s close enough to the remaining silos.Also Check Out: How to Reclaim Abandoned Quarry in Terra Nil.After digging up with the excavator, set up a water pump to connect the river paths, set up a loading dock close by and clean the area. Repeat the process until all the silos are gone. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right placement, but with persistence, you’ll figure it out and be well on your way to the next level 🙂