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The Abandoned Quarry map in Terra Nil can appear challenging at first, but it can be reclaimed with some patience and the right strategy. Here is a 3 phase strategy to reclaim this map.


Your first objective is to try to create and increase as much greenery as possible to restore water and plant life. Begin by placing Turbines, Toxin Scrubbers, Water Pumps and Irrigators evenly yet strategically across the map. Once you’ve done this correctly, you should have greenery evenly spread all over the map and a base lake.

Phase 1: GREENERY (Abandoned Quarry)
Phase 1: GREENERY (Abandoned Quarry)

Phase 2: BIOMES

Now that our ecosystem is beginning to thrive, we need to increase the diversity of plants by introducing fynbos, wetlands and forests all while paying some attention to our local climate as well.

Hmmm, that sounds like we may have a handful on our plate. Let’s make things simpler by further dividing this phase in 3 steps each with its own objective.

Phase 2: BIOMES (Abandoned Quarry)
Phase 2: BIOMES

Step 1 – Wetlands

To progress further, you will first need Wetlands which will get by placing the Hydroponium near our base lake. This will not only add a wetland but also add Humidity. Next we will use the Cloud Seeder to achiever the 70% humidity cap. This unlocks rain and will help us to fully green the map.

Step 2 – Forest

Begin by placing a Dehumidifier on a rock. Then place a Solar Amplifier near one of the newly created Dry Bushes to start a fire on it. Lastly, place an Arboretum on ashes so you can begin creating forests. Having done that, you can now place Beehives on your freshly grown trees you just create to generate Fynbos Flower and thereby Fynbos Biomes.

Step 3 – Biomes Gauges

Finish filling Biomes Gauges to complete Step 3 of Phase 2. By this point if you’ve managed everything well, you must have been successful in striking out some of the optional goals.

  • Wildflower bloom
  • Migratory birds return
  • Fungi in forests
  • Ferns on riverbanks
  • Waterlillies blossom
  • Salmon run
  • Rains begin


With plant life and climate re-established, we must now construct an Airship by Recycling our buildings. Before we’re done, we also must introduce Fauna to the new custodians of this land.

The last phase is also the easiest. Use the Recycling Silos and Monorail Nodes to recycle all your buildings with the Recycling Drone and begin construction of your Airship. Finish your recycling by placing Beacons on the Monorail Nodes.

Discovering Animals (Abandoned Quarry)
Discovering Animals (Abandoned Quarry)

Then, start placing Animal Observatories to start attracting animals into the habitats. Keep an eye on the notifications in the top left hand corner for the new Animal Species Discovered count. Abandoned Quarry is a Temperate region (just like River Valley) so you should be able to scan for deers, frogs, brown bears, geese, beavers and timber wolves. Please remember that you can only discover timber wolves after you have discovered deers. You should easily be able to discover all animals.

With these tips, you should be able to restore the ecosystem and reclaim the “Abandoned Quarry” wasteland successfully. Good luck!

Phase 3: RECYCLING (Abandoned Quarry)


Q. How to get trees in the abandoned quarry map?

Since you don’t start out with any pine trees in this map, many people get stuck at this point. You can solve this by using a hint – “Fynbos isn’t the only thing that can burn”. The dehumidifier can create burnable ground out of standard greenery.


Many players make the mistake of placing wetlands on higher levels. Wetlands can only exist on low ground. If all of your irrigators are going to be on higher levels then the odds of beating this map will become harder.

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