System Shock 2023: Maps for Weapons, Surgery, Power etc.

Maps for all Levels of Citadel Station with Resources & Locations in the new System Shock Remake

The new System Shock Remake is a true 1:1 adaptation of the original System Shock 1. This guide was written prior to the game’s release on 30th May 2023. As the game releases, these maps will be updated newer ones.For now though, these will remain helpful since the developers have stated that though there may be small changes in the remake, the maps and resources scattered all over Citadel Station largely remain faithful to the original game.
  1. Levels:
    1. Level R – Reactor
    2. Level 1 – Medical
    3. Level 2 – Research Labs
    4. Level 3 – Maintenance
    5. Level 4 – Storage
    6. Level 5 – Flight Deck
    7. Level 6 – Executive
    8. Grove Levels – G1, G2, G4
    9. Level 7 – Systems Engineering
    10. Level 8 – Security
    11. Level 9 – Bridge
  2. Resources:
    1. Main Maps (Weapons, Cameras, Power Stations, Surgery Machines, Puzzles, Cyberspace Terminals, Computer Nodes & more)
    2. Enemies (Enemy locations)
    3. Ammo (Ammo locations)
    4. Explosives (Find Explosives)
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Level R – Reactor

Located at the bottom of Citadel Station, the Reactor Level houses the primary reactor and its support facilities. This level is equipped with a medical substation and the station’s only radiation treatment center, due to the associated health risk. Additionally, there is an experimental variable gravity chamber used by TriOptimum engineers and scientists for various experiments. Throughout this level, among all enemies you are more likely to come across hoppers, cyborg assassins, and auto bombs.
Map for Reactor Level in System Shock Remake

Level 1 – Medical

The game begins with you, the Hacker, waking up in the Healing Suite within the Medical Level of Citadel Station six months after your Neuro-Implant surgery. This level features a highly advanced neurosurgery ward and a functional automatic surgery machine that you may find useful when dealing with enemies. Talking of enemies, Cyborg Drones & Humanoids are going to be the highest in number among all enemies you face here. You may also face a couple of Serv-Bots.
Map for Medical Level in System Shock Remake

Level 2 – Research Labs

This level is where the firing controls for the station’s mining laser are located which you will be trying to access in the Laser Mission. Moreover, in the Research Labs Level, you will find an extensive electronic library and a production area for numerous prototype technological developments. Some noteworthy enemies you’ll encounter here include Humanoids, Repair Bots and Zero-Grav Mutants.
Map for Research Level in System Shock Remake
Research Labs

Level 3 – Maintenance

On the Maintenance Level, you’ll find facilities capable of repairing a wide range of station hardware. This level houses control, routing, and access relays, and serves as a recharge station for certain robots between task assignments. One of the two recharge stations on this level has three sparking cables above it. If you use this unit, you’ll recharge, but you’ll also sustain damage. This is the level where you are likely to encounter the dangerous Shock Bot (Security Bot) and some Inviso-Mutants as well.
Map for Maintenance Level in System Shock Remake

Level 4 – Storage

The Storage Level serves as a central location for storing the station’s backup and emergency equipment. While it may not be as exciting as other critical areas, certain sections on this level are designated for safe storage of explosives and ammunition. Watch out for the Avian Mutant, the elusive but deadly Gorilla-Tiger, lots of Cyborg Warriors and a Cyborg Enforcer on this level.
Map for Storage Level in System Shock Remake

Level 5 – Flight Deck

The Flight Deck Level has the best views on the entire Citadel station. Here you will find the launch, reception, and housing facilities for the shuttle craft that frequently interact with TriOptimum Earth. The enormous flight bays on this level are sealed off by environmental integrity screens. As the station rotates, these transparent screens offer breathtaking views of the solar system and the vast expanse of space beyond. Enemies to look out for – More Avian Mutants, a couple of Auto Bombs and a Cortex Reaver (better watch your head).
Map for Flight Deck Level in System Shock Remake
Flight Deck

Level 6 – Executive

Get ready to encounter more Gorilla-Tigers, an increased number of Cyborg Warriors, and plenty of Executive Bots on Citadel’s Executive Level. This level is lavishly decorated with lush, green nature groves, creating a stress-free professional environment. It is also home to numerous teleconference and board rooms where TriOptimum executives conduct business with their counterparts on Earth.
Map for Executive Level in System Shock Remake

Grove Levels – G1, G2, G4

While exploring Citadel, you will encounter three domed nature groves: G1 Alpha, G2 Beta, and G4 Delta. These groves are designed to simulate an Earth-like environment for the station’s inhabitants. However, be prepared to confront the dangerous Plant Mutants within these areas. It’s worth noting that the groves can be detached from the main station in certain situations, or as you will come to learn during the Virus Mission.
Map for Grove Levels 1,2,4 in System Shock Remake
Grove Levels

Level 7 – Systems Engineering

On the Systems Engineering Level, you will find Citadel’s support and communications systems, including the crucial primary antenna relays required for the Antenna Mission. This level is heavily guarded and populated by dangerous members of Shodan’s army, such as Assassins, Enforcers, Shock Bots, and Exec-Bots. Be cautious and prepared for intense encounters on this level.
Map for System Engineering Level in System Shock Remake
Systems Engineering

Level 8 – Security

On the Security Level, you’ll encounter the towering central core shaft, which spans over eight stories high. Prepare to face Shock Bots and their dead flying heads – the Shock Drones, as well as the formidable Cyborg Elite Guards (in the Bridge Mission).
Map for Security Level in System Shock Remake

Level 9 – Bridge

At the uppermost end of Citadel Station, you will find the Bridge, which serves as the command and control center. The Bridge also houses the primary neural bud for SHODAN. In times of dire emergency, the Bridge has the capability to separate from the main body of the station. Be prepared to encounter Auto Bombs, Shock Bots, and numerous Elites within this infested area.
Map for Bridge Level in System Shock Remake
Bridge (Command)
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Main Maps

Maps marking most things you will need such as Weapons, Cameras, Power Stations, Surgery Machines, Puzzles, Cyberspace Terminals, Computer Nodes, Elevators, Hardware Upgrades & more for all levels of Citadel Station


Maps with enemy locations for all levels of Citadel Station


Maps with ammo locations for all levels of Citadel Station


Maps with explosives locations for all levels of Citadel StationAll credit to Tuesday Frase and funkyhorror for these maps.