All Enemies in System Shock 2023 (Citadel Station & Cyberspace)

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The new System Shock 2023 Remake promises a Sci-Fi adventure that is modern and resurrected yet faithful and true to its original 1994 form. As you trot along the new high resolution hallways of Citadel Station, SHODAN’s little army of bots, mutants, cyborgs and cyberspace denizens will be there waiting for you behind every door and around every corner. So in order to prepare you, Hacker!, here is a closer look at what foes you are going to be up against.
  1. BOTS:
    1. Auto Bomb
    2. Exec-Bot
    3. Shock Drone
    4. Hopper
    5. Mobile Laser Hopper
    6. Maintenance Bot
    7. Cortex Reaver (Citadel)
    8. Repair Bot
    9. Security 1 Bot
    10. Shock Bot
    11. Serv-Bot
    1. Cyborg Assassin
    2. Cyborg Drone
    3. Cyborg Elite Guard
    4. Cyborg Enforcer
    5. Cyborg Warrior
    6. Mantis Assassin
    7. Diego Cyborg CY-001
    8. Mutant Cyborg
    1. Avian Mutant
    2. Gorilla-Tiger
    3. Humanoid Mutant
    4. Inviso-Mutant
    5. Plant Mutant
    6. Virus Mutant
    7. Zero-Grav Mutant
    1. Cyber Dog
    2. Cyber Guard
    3. CyberBully
    4. Cortex Reaver (Cyberspace)
    5. Cyber Stalker
    6. Cyber Stinger
    7. Security Mine
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Auto Bomb

Auto Bomb - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeAutobombs are romba-like bots that are  all about proximity detonation. These things are no joke. They’re super fast, they blow up quick, and if you’re not maxed out on health, you’re toast. You first run into these nuisances in the Reactor level. However, it’s on Level 9 – Bridge, where these things really love to hang out. So, expect some intense action there.Your best bet is to lob Frag Grenades at them. A secondary option would be to pop them with your Minipistol, but make sure you’re using Teflon Rounds. You’re gonna want that extra punch. Keep your distance.

Exec Bot

Executive Bot (Exec Bot) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeThe Exec or Executive Bots are most commonly found at the Executive Level. To take these bots down, you’re gonna want to use a Magnum Pistol, but not just any rounds, go for the Heavy Slugs. If you really want to do some damage, the Mag-Pulse Rifle is your best friend.When you encounter these bots, you’ll need to be careful because you won’t have an Energy/Projectile Shield yet, but you’ll definitely need it. They attack with projectiles and they’re pretty beefy – think high-defense, high-damage type of foes.

Shock Drone (Flier Bot)

Shock Drone aka Flier Bot - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeFliers, also known as Shock Drones, are pesky flying machines that you encounter mainly at the Security Level. They are actually the flying-heads of dead Shock Bots. They’ve got two modes of attack – an energy beam if you’re too close or gas grenades if you’re far but not out of sight.To deal with these drones, you’ve got a couple of good options. Energy weapons (sparqbeam) are a solid choice, they’ll do a number on them. Another good option is a Magnum Pistol – that’ll also take them down nicely. So, pack your gear wisely.


Hopper - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeYou’re going to spot hoppers for the first time on the Medical Level of Citadel Station, but they’re mostly common in the Reactor Level. Legend has it that long ago these were just automated welder bots, but that was before SHODAN reprogrammed them to make things interesting for you hacker!Hoppers can be a real pain early in the game when your arsenal is limited to small stuff like pistols. Now, they don’t stand a chance against something like a Mag-Pulse. Try using the SparqBeam or Minipistol to take them down. Or if you’re feeling bold, you could always try melee-attack with the Lead Pipe.

Mobile Laser Hopper

Mobile Laser Hopper - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeAn evolved version of the hopper that can move around instead of hopping. Say hello to the Mobile Laser Hopper. Now you’ve got an upgraded, more challenging version of the old Hopper to deal with. Get ready to run hacker!

Maintenance Bot

Maintenance Bot - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeDesigned to to fix stuff in tricky spots around Citadel Station and mostly found near CPU Nodes, these bulky looking metalheads are actually pretty easy to kill. Your trusty Minipistol with teflon rounds or any low powered energy weapon should do the job.

Cortex Reaver (Citadel)

Cortex Reaver (Citadel) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeThe Cortex Reaver is a pretty unique enemy in the System Shock. It’s actually a cyborg that’s always aware of both the physical world (Citadel Station) and CyberSpace. These Reavers are bad news. They can mess up your link integrity in no time and can take quite a beating before they crash. You’ll bump into one for the first time on the Flight Deck while trying to save a group of Resistance survivors, but you can take it down fairly easily using the Laser Rapier.When you die and can’t get to a Restoration Bay, there’s a “Game Over” cutscene that shows the Hacker’s head being put into a Cortex Reaver’s chamber. Then, they get brainwashed to serve SHODAN. Yikes!

Repair Bot

Repair Bot - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeRepair-Bots are tasked with doing regular fix-up jobs around Citadel Station. They are pretty weak foes and can take down with a Minipistol or low energy weapons. The first time you’ll run into these bots on the Medical Level. But they’re commonly found on Level 2 – Research Labs and Level 4 – Storage.

Security 1 Bot

Security-1 Robots, or Sec-1 Bots for short, are part of the Citadel Station’s security force. You’ll see a ton of them almost everywhere you go. They’re bad news right from the start and they stay dangerous even as you get further into the game. SHODAN, uses them as one of her main forces until you reach the Security Level after which they replaced by their bigger, nastier siblings – Security-2 Bots.

Shock Bot (Security-2 Bot)

Security-2 Bot (aka Shock Bot) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeYou might encounter your first Security-2 Bot (aka Shock Bot) on Level R but you’ll see most of them Level 9, the Bridge. The gun on their right arm, dubbed the “Shock Bot Weapon” can be quite menacing. How to deal with these bots? You can use EMP Grenades, Plasma Rifles, the RF-07 Skorpion, and the Mag-Pulse Rifle.Take a closer look at it’s head section in the above image. Looks familiar? After you destroy the Shock Bot the head section will detach into a flying drone that will continue to hunt you down. Yes, that is the Shock Drone (aka Flier Bot).


Serv-Bot - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeServ-Bots are basically robotic janitors gone rogue, and they’re the first enemies you’ll run into in the game. You’ll meet your first one right outside the starting room on the Medical level. In terms of danger, they’re pretty much at the bottom of the list.They don’t do a lot of damage and can be taken out with just a couple of whacks from a Lead Pipe. If you’ve got some ammo or battery power to spare, you could also use a Minipistol or a SparqBeam. But don’t bother with the big guns – it’s overkill for these guys,
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Cyborg Assassin

Cyborg Assassin - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeCyborg Assassins are dressed in all-black, making it tricky to spot them where the lights are low. They use a silent rifle to attack you when you’re at a distance. Up close, they hurl shurikens at you. Don’t worry – you can actually shoot down / deflect those shurikens easily. A good old Minipistol with teflon rounds is all you’ll need to kill these guys.

Cyborg Drone

Cyborg Drone - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeCyborg Drones are enemies that look like crew members but with added mechanical bits. You’ll run into them pretty early, on the first level, and they’re typically the first kind of Cyborg you’ll meet. When they’re not on the attack, they just wander around until they spot you. They’re armed, most likely with an ML-41 Minipistol or sometimes with a Sparqbeam, but they’re not too scary if they haven’t noticed you.When it’s time to take them on, don’t sweat it too much. These Cyborg Drones are slow, not too tough and can be hurt by pretty much any type of attack, so just about any weapon you’ve got will do a good job against them.

Cyborg Elite Guard

Cyborg Elite Guard - Enemies in System Shock 2023 Remake
The iconic enemy from System Shock cover
Cyborg Elites are SHODAN’s personal bodyguards, and some of the toughest enemies you’ll face in the game. You’ll only find them on the Bridge, where they’re guarding SHODAN’s Throne of God. They’re there to defend the Mainframe Computer and its Cyberspace Terminal. The final room’s full of them, so be ready for a rough fight.Dealing with Cyborg Elite Guards is no walk in the park. They’ve got loads of hit points, tough armor, high defense value and they’re hard to stun. Plus, their weapons have range and hit hard. If you don’t have any shields on, just four hits from them can take you out. And SHODAN’s Node is guarded by 10 of these brutes, so you’re outnumbered.The best strategy is to take them out before they can hit back. Don’t go in guns blazing; sneak around corners and use cover. There are some ways to use your Laser Rapier to take Cyborg Elites out via melee combat but it is safer to keep your distance and use the big guns.
  • The MARK III Assault Rifle with its rare Penetrator Rounds is a good choice because of the damage it can do, even with its slow fire rate.
  • The MM-76 Accelerator Rail Gun is another good option because it does a ton of damage and can hit multiple enemies if they’re close together.
  • The SB-20 Mag-Pulse Rifle and EMP Grenades are also recommended, as they can bypass armor and do double damage to all Cyborgs.
  • The RF-07 Skorpion with Large Slags can deal insane damage due to its fast fire rate.
  • The LG-XX Plasma Rifle could come handy with its high damage output – just make sure you’ve got plenty of spare batteries.
  • The RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle can do a lot of damage on high setting.
  • Frag and Gas Grenades can hurt them, but Concussion Bombs are the best, with their high damage and wide blast radius.

Cyborg Enforcer

Cyborg Enforcer - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeCyborg Enforcers are among SHODAN’s most powerful guards. You’ll first come across them on the Storage Level, but they’re most often found on the Systems Engineering Level. They use the large claw on their left hand to throw EMP grenades which don’t harm you, but they might scramble your vision for a bit, which can leave you vulnerable to attacks.Be cautious when fighting Enforcers – they shoot rapidly and take you down in just a few hits. As for melee weapons, just like with all cyborgs, the Laser Rapier works really well against Enforcers too. With regards to firearms, the Magnum 2100 Pistol is also a decent choice to attack the Enforcer.

Cyborg Warrior

Cyborg Warrior - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeCyborg Warriors that you’ll first encounter them on the Medical Level, are a stronger version of the Cyborg Drones. The biggest threat from Cyborg Warriors is their long-range grenade attacks. It’s best to stay closer to them in combat. By the time you reach the Storage Level, they should be relatively easy to defeat, especially if you use the Laser Rapier, which can be found on the Maintenance Level

Mantis Assassin

Cyborg Mantis (aka Mantis Assassin) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeA new variant of the Cyborg Assassin that fights exclusively in close combat, using mantis-like claws which are bladed arms of an Autosurgeon grafted on to the body of the Assassin. They can attack from a relatively short to moderate distance and hide in dark corners because they have trouble covering longer distances quickly. Better be aware of what lurks in the shadows, hacker!

Diego Cyborg CY-001

After pledging his allegiance to SHODAN, Edward Diego was turned into a Cyborg to serve as the second-in-command of Citadel Station. Diego Cyborg is distinguishable by his black, red, and purple armor. He is armed with two Laser Rapiers and has a unique teleportation device, which enables him to vanish and appear out of nowhere.Battling Diego Cyborg is a significant challenge. It’s advisable activate the Restoration Bay (if it’s available on the level) before fighting him. You first encounter him on the Executive Level, and he reappears later on the Flight Deck and finally on the Security Level, right before you reach the Elevator to the Bridge.Diego Cyborg can cause severe damage, both up close and from a distance, and it takes time to defeat him. Activate your Shield and use a Reflex Patch to enhance your reflexes. You might also need to use health items just before the battle. To deal more damage to Diego Cyborg, consider using explosives such as grenades.

Mutant Cyborg (Mutated Cyborg)

Cyborg Mutant (aka Mutated Cyborg) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeMutant Cyborg is a large, mutated version of a cyborg, and it has a massive claw that can shoot energy beams at close range. It also has an energy visor on its head, which it uses to fire moderately fast green glowing projectiles that can be deflected if shot at. When fighting the Mutant Cyborg, its large hitbox puts it at a disadvantage making it an easy target for you.It’s best to stay out of its attack range but if you can’t avoid that then it’s safest to stay out of its short-range energy beam attack at the least. Powerful long-range weapons, like the Skorpion, are effective against the Mutant Cyborg.
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Avian Mutant

Avian Mutant - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeAvian Mutants have resulted from a virus mutating lizards into bird-like prehistoric reptiles. These flying mutant enemies attack players using their claws and beak – yes they are melee only. They can fly, and this ability has allowed them to spread to Levels 4 and 5 from the groves. Using a weaker weapon like the Minipistol or even something more like a Magnum against these creatures is sufficient to deal enough damage to kill them


Gorilla Tiger - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeGorilla-Tiger mutant is a product of an experiment that fused the might of a gorilla with the strength of a tiger, resulting in a formidable adversary. This mutant is a powerful opponent with the power to cause significant damage with its claws. However it is rather elusive and not commonly sighted, even in the groves and on Levels 4 and 6 where it can be found.In the original version of the game, two weapons, the Flechette and the Magnum, were particularly effective when dealing with these creatures. But one of these weapons aren’t available in the remake of the game, so it’s unclear what weapons will be best suited for combating this enemy in the updated version.

Humanoid Mutant

Humanoid Mutant - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeEncountered primarily in the Medical and Research Levels of Citadel Station, the Humanoid Mutants stand or walk aimlessly until they are alerted of your presence. Then they start closing in to attack you with a diagonal arm swipe which is their only form of attack. Naturally, to deal damage, they need to be within arm’s length of the hacker. They can easily be take down with a few solid hits of the Lead Pipe. They could be dangerous in large groups when attacking from multiple directions.


Inviso Mutant (aka Invisible Mutant) - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeAt the Maintenance Level of Citadel Station, you’ll come across these small, see-through, stingray-like creatures called Inviso-Mutants. They’re kind of like the Zero-Grav Mutants, but their attacks hit harder. They are strong and just a few hits from them can take you down.The Inviso-Mutants spit out toxic projectiles and their tentacles are coated in some nasty stuff that can burn you. Their individual hits aren’t that bad, but they are resilient and keep attacking. They can spot you pretty well too, and it takes a lot to slow them down.Moreover, they’re tricky to shoot because they are really flat, plus they can really take a beating and don’t go down easy – they can shrug off a lot of bullets before they’re done. The SparqBeam works well against them but make sure you remain behind cover. The most important thing is finding a Laser Rapier as soon as you get to Maintenance Level, because Laser Rapiers can kill them quick.

Plant Mutant

Plant Mutant - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeThis one is a mutant plant that can think and move. It’s got two ways to get at you. It can hit you with its sharp barbs, or it can toss spiky seed pods at you. If you’re quick, you can even shoot those pods out of the sky before they hit you. You’ll mostly come across these plant mutants in the groves.They can spot you fairly well and can handle a moderate amount of damage before they go down. When you land a hit, there’s a good chance they’ll be stunned for a bit. The Minipistol should be sufficient for taking these creatures out.

Virus Mutant

Virus Mutant - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeThe Virus Mutants are like the Humanoids but way tougher – three times stronger, to be exact, and they can take a lot more damage. They don’t get stunned as easily, and they throw virus-infected projectiles at you. When you’re up against these tough guys in the Beta grove where they mostly hang, your best bet is going to be an Assault Rifle

Zero-Grav Mutant

Zero-Grav Mutant - Enemies in System Shock 2023 RemakeZero-Grav Mutants are super-mutated blobs that float around Citadel firing stuff at you. You are most likely to find these blobs around the Reactor Level and they like to hang out in groups, which makes them hard to deal with, especially earlier on in the game.  If there’s a group of Zero-Grav Mutants, a Gas Grenade should help you take care of them. Alternatively, you could hit them with a powerful Magnum round for good effect.
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Cyber Dog

Cyber Dog - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeWhen the Cyber Dog attacks, he blasts a plasma projectile at you from the center of his head. He may not be the strongest cyberspace enemy you’ll face, but he is relentless – watch out.

Cyber Guard

Cyber Guard - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeTougher than Cyber Dog, the Cyber Guard will come at you with his projectiles.


Cyber Bully - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeYou see that head splitting open in the image? Well you better be ready because it is going to shoot a glowing red cyber-shuriken at you right before it closes to reload the next one. Compared to the first two, the Cyber Bully packs a bigger punch.

Cortex Reaver (Cyberspace)

Cortex Reaver (Cyberspace) - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeLook at you hacker! Here you were thinking you already beat the Cortex Reaver back at Citadel Station, ha ha! Now get ready for some cyber-projectiles coming at you. The reaver wants your head at all costs and he isn’t going away without a (second) fight.

Cyber Stalker

Cyber Stalker - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeThis Cyber Stalker is sneaky it will (also) shoot projectiles at you and will change colors with its surroundings.

Cyber Stinger

Cyber Stinger - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeBe wary of when the Cyber Stinger readies its tail, because that means an incoming attack is imminent.

Security Mine

Security Mine - Cyberspace Denizens in System Shock 2023 RemakeThe red eye at the center of the Security Mine tracks your movement. Be careful and try not to get too close.