Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Best SF6 Characters Ranked

Street Fighter 6 Tier List - Ranking all SF6 Characters from Best to Worst

As players begin preloading Street Fighter 6 in anticipation of its big release that is less than 24 hours away, here is a (very) early Tier List broadly ranking all 18 SF6 Characters. This tier list is based on our experience with SF6 Open Beta, signals from the CFN Top 200 data, and what the general consensus is in SF6 communities prior to the game’s release.
Note 1: Tier Lists can be subjective and character preference can vary from player to player. We encourage you take this (or any such lists) lightly, and try to explore the game with any character that you like with the objective of having fun. The best character in SF6 is the one that suits your playstyle more than all others.Note 2: The list is Work-in-Progress. It will continue to evolve and get updated in the days and weeks to come after the game’s release.
With that out of the way, here’s our list of SF6 Roster ranked from “Will Play” to “Won’t Touch”
  1. Juri
  2. Ken
  3. Ryu
  4. Guile
  5. Kimberly
  6. Chun-Li
  7. Cammy
  8. Dee Jay
  9. Luke
  10. Jamie
  11. JP
  12. E. Honda
  13. Blanka
  14. Dhalsim
  15. Manon
  16. Marisa
  17. Lily
  18. Zangief
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Juri's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListAs Juri, your main strategy is to use her array of kicks to catch your opponents off guard and humiliate them, then take advantage of any openings to hit them with powerful combos.When you’ve got your opponent scared, use Juri’s Fuha stock system to beef up your close-up moves and combo damage, adding a bit of a mean streak to your attacks. Remember, Tensenrin is a really flexible move you can use in your combos, to counter air attacks, and more.


Ken's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListPlaying as Ken, you’re all about the attack. You’ve got a ton of strong kicks, fireballs, and anti-air moves that can totally outdo your opponent if used skillfully. When you’re up close and personal, Ken has several tricks to break through your opponent’s defense with his rapid, in-your-face style of play.On top of that, moves like the Jinrai Kick can be used in combos to smash through your opponent’s guard. A lot of early Ken players will dominate SF6 simply because of his crazy damage output until people begin to get familiar with appropriate counterattacks like the driver reversal from the new drive system mechanics.


Ryu's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListEveryone loves playing as Ryu, whether they’re newbies or seasoned pros, and it’s easy to see why. His moves are simple to understand and deliver a consistent playing style. Ryu’s got all sorts of special moves to cover all the bases: projectiles, anti-air moves, and plenty of attacks. This makes him a character that’s a great mix of both attack and defense.One of his main moves, the Hadoken, is a powerful projectile that’s really good at keeping the opponent in check on a straight line. It is hard to go wrong with Ryu, he still remains a top-tier character after all these years of Street Fighter games.


Guile's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListWhatever your opponent tries, as Guile, you’ve got a set of moves that are easy to pull off and perfect for dealing with anything. You stick to a solid, straight-to-the-point game plan, whether you’re on the attack or defending.Guile’s long-range attacks are great for messing with your opponent’s strategy and getting ahead. Plus, you’ve also got quick-recovering projectiles and top-notch anti-air moves, letting you play a balanced game no matter the range.


Kimberly's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListPlaying as Kimberly, you’ve got a mix of speedy martial arts moves and ninja tools to cook up an attack strategy that’s varied and tough to guess. Use your speed and diverse set of moves to throw off your opponent’s guesses about your next step.When you’re up close, stun them with your relentless offense while turning up the pressure. To create offensive openings at a safe distance, use Shuriken Bomb.


Chun-Li's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListChun-Li’s fast walk speed gives creates countless opportunities to attack but with her, you can also play a more reactive game, thanks to the easy-to-use pokes, projectiles, and anti-air moves in her arsenal.When you’re close to your opponent, Chun-Li can effortlessly maintain offense by stringing her far, maeuverable normal attacks into unique attacks and specials.


Cammy's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListIt’s easier to play smart as Cammy. Use your speed to stop your opponent or get up close and personal using a mix of bold and tricky moves. Once you’re there, keep attacking.Use your normal moves mostly, but don’t forget about throws and special moves. They can really help you get past your opponent’s defense. A great trick up your sleeve is Cammy’s Hooligan Combination. It’s perfect for surprising your opponent and creating an opening for attack.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListPlaying as Dee Jay, you have a bunch of different moves at your disposal like projectiles, charging attacks, and anti-airs. These can help you control the pace of the battle and string together some neat combos. You also have a variety of feints to keep your opponents guessing. You can use these feints to make your moves unpredictable and break down your opponent’s defense when you’re up close.Remember Dee Jay’s move, Jus Cool? It’s a backward hop with a bunch of other moves attached. You can use it to put pressure on your opponents, create combos, and do a whole lot more.


Luke's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListLuke has a tool up his sleeve for every situation – from projectiles to anti-air attacks. A lot of his moves push him forward, which makes it easy to land big combos if your opponent lets their guard down. One of his standout moves is Flash Knuckle.It’s super versatile and can be used to keep the pressure on or to rack up the damage when you’re landing combos.
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Jamie's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListJamie is the SF6 close-combat specialist who mixes drunken boxing and breakdancing. He’s got loads of ways to move forward and get close to his opponents, and when he’s there, he’s got a whole bunch of attack sequences to keep the pressure on. His secret weapon is a special drink he carries around.Drinking this herbal mix boosts his abilities and even gives him new moves. If you see your opponent sizing you up, take that chance to take a swig and power up. Even performing some unique or special moves can give this drink level a boost.


JP's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListJP is a pro at keeping opponents on their toes from a safe distance using long-range pokes and some special projectiles powered by Psycho Power. JP is really good at messing with opponents’ defenses, all from a distance. Plus, he’s got a bunch of strategies to keep them from getting too close.Use his special move Departure to limit your opponent’s movements and set yourself up for some great attack opportunities.

E. Honda

E. Honda's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListE. Honda is a heavy hitter who uses sumo-inspired strikes and charging moves to put some serious pressure on his opponents. He’s also got some unpredictable strikes and throws to keep them on their toes. Use Honda’s strong slaps and clutch kicks to control the ground game. Then, shake things up by adding in some unexpected forward-moving moves.When you’re up close, pile on the pressure with multi-hitting attacks. This will make your opponents think twice before making a move. Then, you can throw them to win the game. His move, the Sumo Dash is super versatile. You can use it to invade your opponent’s space, put more pressure on them, or add some damage to your combos.


Blanka's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListBlanka is tricky, with a bunch of charging and movement techniques that let him zip around the stage really easily. His specialty is mixing things up and keeping opponents guessing. His long-range moves make him tough to handle at mid-distance, but he’s not stuck there.He can use his movement techniques to get up close and personal fast, breaking through any defense. One of his moves, the Rolling Attack, has him charging forward. It’s good for surprising your opponent or getting close to them.


Dhalism's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListYoga master Dhalsim uses his long, stretchy limbs, strange projectiles, and unexpected sneak attacks to outsmart anyone who’s not paying close attention. Keep your opponents away using Dhalsim’s range of normal moves. If they try to jump in, stop them in their tracks with his wide range of anti-air options.If your opponent likes to play defensively, you can use Dhalsim’s projectiles and unpredictable movements to catch them off guard. Dhalsim’s move, Yoga Arch, is great for spacing. You can use it to limit your opponents positioning options.


Manon's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListManon is a well-balanced character with quick kicks inspired by ballet and powerful judo throws. Use her kicks to control the match’s pace, and her throws to get through your opponent’s guard when you get close. Try using Manon’s kicks from different ranges to keep your opponent on their toes. Once you’ve locked them down with some anti-air attacks, find your chance to get closer.When you’ve got some ground, use combination attacks to lure your opponent in and then throw them. Not only will you deal damage, but you’ll also keep the pressure on. Remember, Manon’s move Renversé is a handy tool. You can use it in combos or as a follow-up poke.


Marisa's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListMarisa’s attacks not only reach far, but they also move her forward, so you’ve got plenty of ways to scare your opponents with aggressive moves. She’s great on offense and defense, always ready to give opponents a hard time. She’s a real powerhouse with some strong, long-range strikes.When you’re in close, use her chain attacks. They’re easy to pull off and can quickly overpower your opponents. You’ve also got a move called Scutum. It’s versatile, you can use it for defense or to break through your opponent’s defenses.


Lily's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListLily is a tough one to beat. She’s got strong throws and uses her warclubs like a pro. She can also power up her special moves with a cool wind trick called Condor Wind. To keep your opponent in check, use your warclubs to slow them down. Then, move towards them using a combination of unique attacks that move you forward and charging moves.Once you’re up close, switch to light attacks. These will help you find openings in their defense. When you see a gap, go in for the big throw or an aerial attack. Remember, Condor Wind is your secret weapon to power up your special moves and give you new ways to tackle your opponents.


Zangief's SF6 Ranking - Street Fighter 6 Tier ListMeet Zangief. He might not be the fastest guy around, but he’s a master at throwing opponents. Get him up close and personal and he can do some serious damage. If you’re good at guessing what your opponent is going to do next, Zangief’s wide variety of throws can make a big impact. When you’re a bit further away, use his long-reaching strikes to keep the pressure on.Once you’ve closed the distance, Zangief’s long-range throws can do a ton of damage. And don’t forget about his special move, the Screw Piledriver. That’s his go-to for breaking through an opponent’s guard.
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