Beginners Guide to Understanding how combos work in Street Fighter 6

Mastering combos in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) might be a bit tricky, especially if you’re used to the combo design in other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice, or Tekken 7. Unlike these games, SF6 combos may not intuitively flow from light to heavy attacks ending with a special move.

At first, you might feel overwhelmed, and also might find the control scheme, particularly the use of R1/R2 for heavy attacks, a bit clunky. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Here are 6 tips to help you get a hang of combos in the game.

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Training Mode & Tutorials in Street Fighter 6
Use Tutorials & Training

Tips to Master Combos in SF6

  1. Use the game’s tutorials and training mode: SF6 offers full tutorials on each character and their combos. The training mode can be a great tool to practice and make learning a lot easier.
  2. Start with simple combos: Begin with basic 2 or 3 hit combos. For instance, you can try crouch medium kick into Hadoken on characters like Ryu, Ken, or Luke.
  3. Try Target Combos: Target combos might feel more familiar as they’re closer to “light, medium, heavy” combos in other games.
  4. Don’t rush into advanced combos: You don’t have to worry about including Drive Rush in your combos right from the start. It’s something you can incorporate as you get more comfortable.
  5. Experiment with modern controls: If the classic control scheme feels awkward, modern controls might offer a better fit.
  6. Practice makes perfect: SF6 combos heavily rely on timing. If this is your first fighter where timing is crucial, hitting your combos consistently will only come with practice.
  7. Take advantage of visual frame data in training mode: Frame data, displayed visually in the training mode, is key for understanding when to land your hits.
  8. Find inspiration on YouTube: Watch match videos of your chosen character to get ideas about what they do after they land Drive Impact and stagger the opponent. You can try to replicate their main combo.
Practicing Advanced Combos in Training Mode in Street Fighter 6
Practice Combos in Training Mode

Remember, every player starts off by randomly hitting buttons, and it takes time and patience to understand the game’s mechanics. The full version of SF6 will also include Trials to guide you about which buttons combo into others. Keep practicing and enjoying the game – it’s totally worth it!

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Check out this helpful video from @VesperArcade on Improving Your Drive Rush Combos!

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