Ships in Starfield: Everything We Know So Far

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Ships in Starfield serve as the backbone of space exploration, acting much like additional characters or personalized homes. The game offers a variety of ship types, ranging from swift fighters ideal for bounty hunting to hefty space freighters designed for cargo missions and smuggling. The game even allows players to create their very own fleet of ships which can be acquired by a variety of means. At space ports for example, players can purchase ships with the help of ship technicians, who also assist in selling and modifying them. You will also be able to claim ships from defeated enemies, or steal them when no one’s looking.

Shipbuilder Mode

The gameplay begins with a basic ship, “The Frontier”, which players can progressively customize and upgrade. These modifications can be as straightforward as enhancing weaponry or shields or as detailed as overhauling the entire ship in the shipbuilder mode.
Image shows how all aspects of a players ships are fully customizable in Starfield
Your Ship is Customizable & Upgradable from Head to Toe
In this mode, players can modify anything from onboard systems to aesthetic aspects and the layout of the ship. New habitat modules can be added to accommodate more crew members, and adding cowling can dramatically change the ship’s overall shape.
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For extensive space travel, players can upgrade their ship’s grav drive for longer jumps. Moreover, the ship’s paintwork can be fully customized and ships can even be named to a player’s liking.
Image shows the Shipbuilder mode in Starfield where all aspects of a ship can be modified to users liking
Ship Builder Mode
The parts chosen for the ship’s construction not only influence its stats but also determine the functionalities available within the ship. Additional modules can be installed for crafting or weapon storage and display. Starfield’s in-game ship manufacturers contribute their unique styles to each component of the ship, including living quarters, cargo holds, mess halls, and control rooms.While the modified Frontier serves as a practical vessel, players are free to unleash their creativity in their ship’s design. They can even mold their ships to mimic animals, extending their imagination to design anything from platypus-like vessels to spider or mech-inspired ones.Do note that players may only be able to gradually earn some of these customization options through gameplay progression.

Ship Registration

Image shows the two different status - Registered and Unregistered - of Ships in Starfield
Unregistered Vs. Registered
Stolen ships, interestingly, cannot be customized or disassembled for parts until they are officially registered, which may cost credits.Players that noticed a small registration tag in early demonstrations of ships are quite excited about the implications of “Registered vs Unregistered” ships in the game Starfield. Online communities have been busy engaging in active speculation about what these mechanics could mean for gameplay.The concept of registration may link to the legality of the ships within the game universe. Registered ships could be those bought legally, while unregistered ships might be stolen or acquired through other unsanctioned means. Could this imply that registered ships might offer benefits like insurance, while unregistered ships could offer the allure of illicit activities such as smuggling? We don’t know yet.It could be that ship registration affects the ability to sell a ship, possibly needing skills or specific in-game factions to sell unregistered ships.Whatever the case, we look forward to how this mechanic will deepen the gameplay while also considering the potential for exploitation (making a quick fortune by selling unregistered ships).Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox and PC on September 6, 2023.