How to Earn Twitch Drops in Disney Speedstorm

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Want to earn Twitch Drops in Disney Speedstorm? You can get cool liveries, avatars, racing suits, and license plates from Speedstorm Twitch Drops fully free by simply watching select live streams on Twitch. Each drop has a viewing goal, meet the goal and claim your reward – simple.Here is how it works in 4 simple steps:Step1: Link your Twitch account to your Disney Speedstorm account either on the platform where you play Speedstorm or on by heading to this page.Step 2: Next go to one of the official Disney Speedstorm Streams on Twitch and try to hit a viewing milestone of specific minutes. You can find the list of milestones, rewards and channels all mentioned further down below.Step 3: When you hit a required milestone and complete a drop, it is time to claim it on Twitch before it expires.Step 4: Finally, to receive your reward in game. Launch Disney Speedstorm and click on OK under the Drops pop-up. Doing this will automatically add the reward to your inventory.Note: It is important to note that while rewards which a related to a particular racer do get added to your inventory as soon as you claim them, but you won’t be able to equip them until you unlock the Racer in question.For instance, the Goofy rewards which are active right now can be claimed and added to your inventory right away. But you can only equip them after you unlock Goofy which comes at the end of chapter 2 of the Starter Circuit.


How long does it take to receive my reward? Mostly instantly, but can take up to 72 hours. Ensure that your player profile is online when you claim.What items can I earn from Disney Speedstorm Twitch Drops? As a part of the currently ongoing launch campaign, these are the items you can earn.
  1. Goofy’s Hat Avatar (Viewing Goal: 15 mins)
  2. Swag License Plate (Viewing Goal: 30 mins)
  3. Swag Flair Kart Livery (Viewing Goal: 60 mins)
  4. Swag Flair Racing Suit (Viewing Goal: 120 mins)
Speedstorm Twitch Drops Launch Campaign Items
Speedstorm Twitch Drops Launch Campaign
Which Twitch Streams do I need to watch to get the drops? As on 18th April 2023, drops will be active on the following streams:
Here’s individual images of Goofy’s Rewards Items that you can currently get with Drops.Got more questions? Check out the official site here.