How to use Briefcase in Shadows of Doubt?

How to Open and View Contents of a Briefcase in Shadows of Doubt

In ‘Shadows of Doubt‘, it’s understandable that new players might have some difficulty with the mechanics of interacting with objects in the game, particularly the briefcase. This is a key part of the gameplay, as the briefcase often contains important clues needed to solve cases.While it might seem like you should be able to directly interact with the contents of the briefcase (such as an envelope or a notepad), there’s actually an additional step required. After you have the briefcase in your possession and have opened it, you can’t directly interact with its contents.This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s part of the game mechanics. Perhaps, the game was designed this way to add an extra layer of challenge.Related: Solve ANY murder in Shadows of Doubt with these 6 Tips.To interact with the items inside the briefcase, you’ll need to follow these steps:
  1. Pick up the briefcase: This is usually done by Left Clicking on your mouse.
    Picking Up Briefcase - Shadows of Doubt
    Picking Up the Briefcase
  2. Open the briefcase : Add the Briefcase it to your inventory. From your inventory, access the Briefcase and Open it.
    Opening the Briefcase - Shadows of Doubt
    Opening the Briefcase – Shadows of Doubt
  3. Access the Information: This is the extra part. Opening the Briefcase automatically updates its content onto your Case Board summary. You can access the updated information from the Briefcase by viewing your Case Board (press F).
    Case Board with Updated Info from Briefcase - Shadows of Doubt
    Press F to view Case Board
Once you’ve checked the information on your Case Board, you should be able to throw the Briefcase away as it is likely of no further use.
Throw Briefcase after use - Shadows of Doubt
Throw Briefcase after use
Hope this helps clarifies the Briefcase confusion! ‘Shadows of Doubt’ is a complex game with many layers of gameplay, and it’s completely normal to encounter difficulties as you’re learning the ropes. Just have fun and keep at it.