How to get Roots in Roots of Pacha?

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If you’re here wondering how to find roots in Roots of Pacha, specifically for the purpose of completing the Animal Riding idea, then the answer is simple. “Roots” in the game refers to root vegetables and not actual roots – this is where you confusion lies.When the game refers to “roots” for the Animal Riding idea, it means root vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, not literal roots. By finding these vegetables, players can complete this idea and ride large animals. That’s how you get roots in Roots of Pacha.

How to get roots?

Each time the game mentions “roots (any),” it’s looking for any type of root vegetable. This could include carrots, potatoes, beet, and garlic but not root-like items, such as mandrake roots.I know this because I made the same mistake and spent hours looking for actual roots! Therefore in order to complete “Animal Riding” idea so you can then ride large animals, you just need to find potatoes or carrots. Hope this helps.
Image showing root type vegetables (potatoes, garlic, carrot, beet) in the game Roots of Pacha
Root Type Vegetables: Potatoes, Carrots, Beet, Garlic

About the game:

“Roots of Pacha” is a cooperative (co-op) farming and life simulation video game with a setting in the Stone Age. In this game, you play as a member of a clan that has just settled in a land that is rich and full of promise for growth and prosperity.The goal is to work together with your clan (which can include other players in a co-op setting) to farm, build, and develop your new land. You’ll engage in various activities typical of Stone Age life, including farming, hunting, crafting, and exploring, all while improving your clan’s lifestyle and surviving in the prehistoric world.The game involves not only surviving but also progressing and evolving your clan’s technologies and culture over time, reflecting the evolution of early human societies. It’s a game that combines elements of strategy, resource management, and social simulation.