Zen’s Rocket League Settings

Zen is a young French Rocket League prodigy who made headlines for getting notably expelled from RLCS for being too young. Nonetheless, Zen is now eligible to play RLCS as he turned 16 and will be seen representing Team Vitality in this year’s Spring Split.
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Besides being banned from RLCS, Zen is also famous for being one of the best Rocket League players in the world. It doesn’t take long for someone watching him play to notice that there is something different about the way Zen moves in air. Part of the reason of this could be his Rocket League settings or specifically, his key bindings.If you look closely at Zen’s Controller Bindings, you’ll see that he has directional air roll (DAR) connected to a trigger (L2/R2 on PlayStation Controllers and LT/RT on Xbox Controllers) rather than the button that it is typically bound to. As a result, he uses directional air roll like a dynamic input, giving him (perhaps) more control and adjusting the speed of his air rolls when he makes little movements while he is in the air.
directional air roll bound to analog trigger
DAR bound to Trigger
Anyone can try this out by binding DAR (left or right) to a trigger on their controller. You can air roll very quickly if necessary or slowly with maximum control depending on how firmly you push the trigger. I won’t be surprised at all to see this quickly becoming a norm among newer players. However, KBM (keyboard and mouse) players may be at a disadvantage here since they won’t be able to replicate an equivalent of an analog trigger input.