Volkswagen Golf GTI: Rocket League Season 10

VW Golf GTI & Golf GTI RLE in Rocket League

The Volkswagen Golf GTI II is coming to Rocket League with the start of its brand new Season 10. The Golf GTI will be available as a part of Rocket Pass Season 10.The Golf GTI is perhaps the best part about the upcoming Rocket League Season 10! The VW Rabbit is an all time classic with enduring appeal that is brought to life in Rocket League by an Octane Hitbox.The base vehicle can be instantly unlocked with Rocket Pass Premium, and the advanced variant i.e. Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE can be obtained by progressing through the Rocket Pass Tiers! Both cars include a set of stock Golf GTI wheels to compliment their realistic look.The VW Golf GTI & RLE cars have the following painted variants: Crimson, Lime, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Burnt Sienna, Forest Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Grey, Titanium White.Here are some images of the Car & Decals (Click to Enlarge):Is there a Volkswagen Golf GTI in Rocket League? Yes there is a VW Golf GTI in Rocket League starting with the upcoming Season 10 that will go live on 8th March 2023.
The VW Golf GTI and the Golf GTI RLE are built around the Octane Hitbox in Rocket League.
How to get the VW Golf GTI in Rocket League? The VW Golf GTI can be unlocked using Rocket Pass 10. The basic unpainted version of VW Golf in Rocket League is available under tier 70 and VW Golf GTI RLE is unlocked at Pro Tiers (70+) with Rocket Pass Premium in Season 10.Is the VW Golf GTI tradable in Rocket League? Like with Rocket Pass Premium Items, the versions of items under pro tiers (i.e. under tier 70) are not tradeable. Any VW Golf GTI version above the Pro Tier (70) in Rocket Pass 10 will be tradeable between players.What hitbox is the VW Golf GTI MK2? The VW Golf GTI uses the Octane hitbox in Rocket League as is the case with the Fennec and the Civic Type R and Civic Type R-LE.Check out this link for VW Golf GTI designs.