Torque TX Inverted Wheels

Torque TX & Torque TX Inverted Wheels

Torque TX and Torque TX Inverted are a set of limited wheels that are a part of Rocket Pass Season 10 that released on 8th March 2023. Like all Rocket Pass Items, players can work their way up through tiers to unlock painted variants of these wheels.While the Torque TX only comes in default variant, there are painted versions of Torque TX Inverted which include Black, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt, Crimson, Forest Green, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron, Sky Blue, and Titanium White. However PC players (with bakkesmod) can access and use the painted set of the Torque TX Wheels as well.The following clip showcases the default and painted variants of both these wheels.