Titanium White Octane is coming to Rocket League Item Shop

titanium white octane

The Titanium White Octane is finally coming to the Rocket League Item Shop. This was confirmed on the RLCS Fall Major Broadcast on Twitch where a short promo clip of the Titanium White Octane was also featured which clearly read the dates December 24 – December 31.Though the price still remains unconfirmed, there are speculations of it costing anywhere between 800 Credits (Typical Import Item Price) to 1500 or even 2200 Credits (Premium Item so Psyonix may want to milk that demand).Q. When will the titanium white octane be in the item shop 2022? The Titanium Octane will be in the Item Shop between December 24th and December 31st 2022.Q. What will be the price of the Titanium White Octane in Credits? In the item shop, the car may cost anywhere between 800 – 2200 Credits.Q. How much is TW Octane in USD? The USD equivalent largely depends on upon where you buy your credits from. In-game 6500 Credits cost you $50 US. Which puts the value of 1USD as 130 credits. Based on the calculation, the TW Octane may cost you anywhere between US $6.15 to US $16.92 if you get your credits from Psyonix/Epic. But you can get credits for a cheaper amount from various third party sources.Q. Can you trade a TW Octane purchased from Item Shop? No. None of the items purchased from item shop be traded.Q. What is the value of TW Octane on Xbox, PC, PSN, Switch? Since the news of TW Octane’s arrival in the item shop leaked, its value has dropped dramatically by about 50%. On PC, the TW Octane used to sell for around 9,000 credits. It is now priced at around 3,500 credits. On PSN the price dropped from 8,000 credits to 4,000 credits. On Nintendo Switch too, the price plummeted from 12,000 to 6,000 credits. And lastly Xbox users would previously have needed 16,000 credits to get a TW Octane, but now they can get one for just 8,000 credits.
TW Octane Price Chart Xbox 2022
Steep Drop in value of TW Octane. Source: rl.insider.gg
Titanium White Octane Design 2022 Here’s a Christmas-themed Titanium White Rocket League Design I made that I’m dubbing Santa’s Ride.