How to get a Swish Goal in Hoops: Rocket League

squish goal hoops mode

A squish goal in Rocket League Hoops mode is a goal scored without the ball touching the rim or deflecting off a wall or the backboard. If you are trying to complete a squish goal weekly challenge, then here are four ways in which you can increase your chances of doing so.1. Aerial from Kickoff (Level: Intermediate) Given that kickoffs occur more frequently throughout games than the other three ways, this method has the best chance of resulting in a swish goal. Simple practice of fundamental aerial techniques will enable you to delicately lob the ball into the goal of your opponent at kickoff. Here, the only challenge is defeating the opponent who is also extremely likely to fly towards the ball.2. Chip a Rolling Ball (Level: Beginner) This approach is the simplest and most suitable for beginners out of all those mentioned here. You can practice this shot by entering freeplay and driving into a ball that is rolling at various speeds, then observing the distance you can gain with each speed. All that is needed for this is practice chipping and control over your car’s speed.3. Tap in from Aerial Pass (Level: Advanced) This is a little more difficult and calls for some experience in aerial play. A flying pass from a teammate is supposed to be deflected or tapped in such that it travels directly to the middle of the rim. Going into any of the hoops maps in freeplay and using advanced freeplay ball controls like Launching the ball skyward and Passing the ball are the simplest ways to practice this.4. Dribble, Carry, & Flick (Level: Advanced) Advanced mechanics are required for dribbling, carrying, and flicking, which need countless hours of practice. Beginners and intermediate players are not advised to attempt this. To get a hang of this, you can either head into a freeplay hoops map and practice flicking into the rim using one of the two advanced freeplay ball controls—starting a dribble or gaining possession—or you can check through one of the many custom training maps for improving ball flicking.Here are two important tips for those who want to learn to get better with flicks.
  1. Placement of ball on top of you car matters (front, middle, back) depending upon the kind of flick you are going for.
  2. Turn off ball cam. Flicks are way more easier in car cam. Learn to toggle ball cam and get comfortable with toggling as and when needed.