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Season 6 of Rocket League just rolled out and everyone is talking about it. Some players are excited about the animated theme, the nomad van, and the black fennec, while others are upset about the sudden removal of OST Volumes 1 & 2 from the music playlist.

Rocket League Season 6 Gets Animated

As always, while most players remain enchanted with the attractions on the hedonistic treadmill that EPIC games desperately wants everyone on, some of us simply want to focus on the core aspects and improve at the game.

As for me? I’m happy listening to my custom Ludovico Einaudi playlist and driving my good old boring-looking stock octane with no decals and cristiano wheels. Ok, that is somewhat a lie. I’m no monk and I’d love to be able to get my hands on a regular fennec. Yes, the charms of reward items do have some effects on even an apathetic individual like myself.

Yet I’ll never go to the extent of buying an item or buying credits to build one using blueprints. Heck, I won’t even trade. All that’s not for me. I’m a simple lazy man and I’ll just be happy to get a fennec in a drop crate at some point.

Realistically, the chances of that happening are 1 in a million. And I’m completely ok even if that never happens. But hey, if you’re not like that and are looking forward to what new items are up for grabs then check out the season 6 rocket pass section for more information on the paid and free items that you can get.

Black Fennec is coming to Season 6

What I wish for is to be able to get better at the game than I currently am so I can get into matches that are more competitive and fun than those that I get to play now. The season will end on June 15th, 2022, which makes it around 3 months long. During this time my target is to refine and upgrade my skills in the following areas

– Hitting the ball with power consistently (for better shots and clears)
– Confidence with aerial shots, volleys, and half-volleys
– Improving overall accuracy of hook shots and air roll shots (where I want the ball to go and how far)
– Better understanding and implementation of positioning and rotations
– Learning to clear corners better (A weakness I’ve identified in replay analysis)
– Practicing and mastering just one mechanic – the wave dash

Why wave dash? Why not speed flip, flip reset, or some fancy high-level ball flick? Is it because I can already do all these. Lol no. I’m Gold 1 Division 1 in 3v3. I can barely do a half-flip and a fast aerial. My philosophy with mechanics is simple, I won’t waste time learning one unless I am convinced it is going to be useful for me in-game.

Right now, the wave dash satisfies that criteria since I’ve seen players at higher ranks using it for recovery after getting bumped or when landing on or off walls.

So to sum it up, mostly what I’m looking forward to from this season is trying to be as regular as I possibly can with my practice routine so I can rank up a little. I’m also going to be trying a new shorter practice routine since I’ll be having lesser time to play every day.

Before Season 6 ends, I will write about how this shorter practice routine works out for me and whether it proves to be as effective as my older routine or not. Stay tuned for that.

What about you? What are your targets for Season 6?

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