Rocket Pass Season 11: All Items & Paints: Tiers 71 – 353 (Max)

Thumbnail Image of a post that lists all painted variants and maximum tiers of Rocket Pass Season 11 items such Nissan Silvia S13 car and more

Season 11 of Rocket League launched this Wednesday – 7th June 2023 with a new Nissan Silvia S13 Rocket Pass car, a new Oceanside Map Estadio Vida Arena and loads of other drift-themed vibrant items that players will be able to unlock through Rocket Pass.

The premium Rocket Pass, costing 1,000 credits, will feature the base variant of the new car Silvia S13. As fans progress through the Rocket Pass tiers, they’ll unlock the exclusive variant Nissan Silvia RLE along with several additional items like Trails, Boosts, Wheels, and Goal Explosions. Additionally, the free Rocket Pass also offers numerous items and reward drops that players can unlock just by playing the game.

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Rocket Pass Season 11

Includes all items up to Tier 353 (Maximum)

1Nissan Silvia
2Nissan Silvia: Ombre DecalE-Brake Expert Title
3Laser-Light Rocket Boost
410% Party XP Boost
5Gauged Player BannerUncommon Reward Drop
6Glitterati Wheels
7Fiesta Paint Finish
8Party Planner Player TitleMaracas Topper
9Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
105% XP BoostUncommon Reward Drop
11Carnival Mask Topper
12100 Credits
13Laberinto WheelsPaladin: Geared Up Decal
14Rio Avatar Border
15Carnival Feathers AntennaUncommon Reward Drop
16Takumi: Urbn Decal
17Hot Hoonigan Title
18Fiesta Player BannerEgg Beast Player Banner
19Jacana Wheels
20Laser-Light Goal ExplosionUncommon Reward Drop
21Crickets Player Anthem by Epic Games
22Wingnut TopperVenom: King XII Decal
235% XP Boost
24100 Credits
25Demonio WheelsUncommon Reward Drop
26Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
27Smoke Bomb AntennaFishing Rod Antenna
28Mosaic Avatar Border
29Choku-Dori Chief Player Title
30Nissan Silvia WheelsUncommon Reward Drop
31Aerated Rocket Boost
325% XP BoostBreakout: Furry Fanatic Decal
33Smoke Mask Topper
34Octane: Demonio Decal
35Nissan Silvia RLEUncommon Reward Drop
36100 Credits
37Stockshock WheelsHoundstooth Paint Finish
38Skyrocket Antenna
395% XP Boost
40Nissan Silvia Player BannerUncommon Reward Drop
41Smoketrail Trail
42Maelstrom Wheels
43Refreshing Coconut TopperDominus: Inframundo Decal
44Ring-Thing Paint Finish
45Nissan Silvia LB-Super Silhouette DecalRare Reward Drop
46Estrella Wheels
47Pink Flamingo Antenna
48100 CreditsAnti-Chamber Wheels
49Aerated Trail
505% XP BoostRare Reward Drop
51Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
52Pinata Wheels
53Dust Kicker Player Banner
54Vuvuzela Engine Audio
55Loco-Commotion Animated DecalRare Reward Drop
56Gauged Avatar Border
57Rektangle Paint Finish
585% Party XP Boost
59Nissan Silvia RLE Wheels
60100 CreditsRare Reward Drop
61Smoke Run Rocket Boost
62Sugar Free Player Anthem by AL3JANDRO
63Laser-Light Trail
64Demonio: Inverted Wheels
65Nissan Silvia: Nismo DecalVery Rare Reward Drop
665% Party XP Boost
67100 Credits
68Viled Animated Decal
69Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
70Smokeshow Goal ExplosionVery Rare Reward Drop
71Orange Estrella Wheels
72Saffron Smoketrail Trail
73Crimson Octane: Demonio Decal
74Orange Smoke Run Rocket Boost
75Crimson Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
76Titanium White Nissan Silvia RLE
77Sky Blue Pinata Wheels
78Titanium White Smoke Show Goal Explosion
79Orange Laser-Light Rocket Boost
80100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
81Burnt Sienna Laser-Light Goal Explosion
82Forest Green Laser-Light Trail
83Cobalt Demonio: Inverted Wheels
84Orange Stockshock Wheels
85Saffron Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
86Saffron Glitterati Wheels
87Black Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
88Saffron Viled Animated Decal
89Titanium White Jacana Wheels
90100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
91Orange Nissan Silvia
92Orange Maelstrom Wheels
93Saffron Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
94Titanium White Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
95Crimson Nissan Silvia RLE
96Lime Pinata Wheels
97Pink Laser-Light Goal Explosion
98Titanium White Smoke Run Rocket Boost
99Pink Maelstrom Wheels
100100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
101Burnt Sienna Glitterati Wheels
102Crimson Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
103Forest Green Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
104Forest Green Nissan Silvia
105Titanium White Octane: Demonio Decal
106Titanium White Estrella Wheels
107Pink Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
108Cobalt Stockshock Wheels
109Grey Laser-Light Rocket Boost
110100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
111Titanium White Viled Animated Decal
112Sky Blue Laser-Light Trail
113Purple Jacana Wheels
114Grey Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
115Grey Smoketrail Trail
116Titanium White Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
117Grey Demonio: Inverted Wheels
118Crimson Smokeshow Goal Explosion
119Lime Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
120Forest Green Octane: Demonio Decal
121Burnt Sienna Jacana Wheels
122Lime Stockshock Wheels
123Grey Nissan Silvia RLE
124Crimson Nissan Silvia
125Purple Smoketrail Trail
126Orange Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
127Black Maelstrom Wheels
128Burnt Sienna Estrella Wheels
129Saffron Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
130Sky Blue Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
131Cobalt Laser-Light Rocket Boost
132Crimson Smoke Run Rocket Boost
133Cobalt Viled Animated Decal
134Sky Blue Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
135Black Piñata Wheels
136Pink Demonio: Inverted Wheels
137Orange Glitterati Wheels
138Crimson Laser-Light Trail
139Orange Smokeshow Goal Explosion
140Sky Blue Laser-Light Goal Explosion
141Sky Blue Glitterati Wheels
142Titanium White Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
143Crimson Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
144Pink Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
145Cobalt Piñata Wheels
146Crimson Demonio: Inverted Wheels
147Burnt Sienna Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
148Purple Laser-Light Rocket Boost
149Black Jacana Wheels
150Sky Blue Viled Animated Decal
151Crimson Smoketrail Trail
152Lime Laser-Light Trail
153Black Smokeshow Goal Explosion
154Pink Stockshock Wheels
155Saffron Nissan Silvia RLE
156Grey Estrella Wheels
157Cobalt Nissan Silvia
158Saffron Octane: Demonio Decal
159Black Smoke Run Rocket Boost
160Lime Laser-Light Goal Explosion
161Lime Maelstrom Wheels
162Burnt Sienna Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
163Orange Octane: Demonio Decal
164Burnt Sienna Laser-Light Rocket Boost
165Forest Green Nissan Silvia RLE
166Orange Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
167Purple Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
168Grey Smokeshow Goal Explosion
169Cobalt Smoke Run Rocket Boost
170Forest Green Smoketrail Trail
171Titanium White Maelstrom Wheels
172Lime Demonio: Inverted Wheels
173Grey Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
174Orange Viled Animated Decal
175Black Laser-Light Goal Explosion
176Lime Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
177Crimson Jacana Wheels
178Pink Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
179Lime Nissan Silvia
180Pink Estrella Wheels
181Saffron Laser-Light Trail
182Saffron Stockshock Wheels
183Lime Glitterati Wheels
184Grey Piñata Wheels
185Sky Blue Stockshock Wheels
186Lime Laser-Light Rocket Boost
187Crimson Estrella Wheels
188Orange Nissan Silvia RLE
189Burnt Sienna Demonio: Inverted Wheels
190Cobalt Maelstrom Wheels
191Pink Viled Animated Decal
192Cobalt Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
193Cobalt Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
194Cobalt Jacana Wheels
195Burnt Sienna Smoketrail Trail
196Forest Green Piñata Wheels
197Purple Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
198Forest Green Smokeshow Goal Explosion
199Cobalt Laser-Light Trail
200Grey Glitterati Wheels
201Crimson Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
202Purple Nissan Silvia
203Lime Octane: Demonio Decal
204Pink Smoke Run Rocket Boost
205Saffron Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
206Cobalt Laser-Light Goal Explosion
207Forest Green Jacana Wheels
208Orange Laser-Light Goal Explosion
209Cobalt Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
210Forest Green Smoke Run Rocket Boost
211Grey Nissan Silvia
212Titanium White Glitterati Wheels
213Sky Blue Demonio: Inverted Wheels
214Sky Blue Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
215Black Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
216Forest Green Maelstrom Wheels
217Titanium White Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
218Lime Viled Animated Decal
219Black Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
220Titanium White Piñata Wheels
221Burnt Sienna Octane: Demonio Decal
222Pink Smoketrail Trail
223Burnt Sienna Stockshock Wheels
224Pink Nissan Silvia RLE
225Forest Green Laser-Light Rocket Boost
226Saffron Smokeshow Goal Explosion
227Orange Laser-Light Trail
228Purple Estrella Wheels
229Cobalt Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
230Sky Blue Octane: Demonio Decal
231Black Laser-Light Trail
232Pink Smokeshow Goal Explosion
233Sky Blue Laser-Light Rocket Boost
234Titanium White Nissan Silvia
235Lime Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
236Crimson Laser-Light Goal Explosion
237Titanium White Demonio: Inverted Wheels
238Lime Smoketrail Trail
239Pink Jacana Wheels
240Forest Green Stockshock Wheels
241Saffron Smoke Run Rocket Boost
242Crimson Viled Animated Decal
243Black Glitterati Wheels
244Crimson Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
245Orange Piñata Wheels
246Grey Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
247Saffron Estrella Wheels
248Cobalt Nissan Silvia RLE
249Crimson Maelstrom Wheels
250Orange Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
251Sky Blue Nissan Silvia RLE
252Titanium White Stockshock Wheels
253Forest Green Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
254Grey Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
255Sky Blue Nissan Silvia
256Sky Blue Maelstrom Wheels
257Forest Green Viled Animated Decal
258Saffron Laser-Light Goal Explosion
259Pink Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
260Burnt Sienna Piñata Wheels
261Purple Laser-Light Trail
262Purple Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
263Sky Blue Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
264Sky Blue Smokeshow Goal Explosion
265Burnt Sienna Smoke Run Rocket Boost
266Saffron Demonio: Inverted Wheels
267Titanium White Laser-Light Rocket Boost
268Titanium White Smoketrail Trail
269Pink Glitterati Wheels
270Lime Estrella Wheels
271Orange Jacana Wheels
272Cobalt Octane: Demonio Decal
273Grey Smoke Run Rocket Boost
274Lime Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
275Lime Smokeshow Goal Explosion
276Black Octane: Demonio Decal
277Cobalt Estrella Wheels
278Forest Green Demonio: Inverted Wheels
279Grey Jacana Wheels
280Purple Glitterati Wheels
281Titanium White Laser-Light Trail
282Pink Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
283Cobalt Smoketrail Trail
284Burnt Sienna Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
285Grey Viled Animated Decal
286Saffron Nissan Silvia
287Purple Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
288Saffron Piñata Wheels
289Burnt Sienna Nissan Silvia RLE
290Black Laser-Light Rocket Boost
291Purple Maelstrom Wheels
292Titanium White Laser-Light Goal Explosion
293Titanium White Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
294Black Stockshock Wheels
295Black Estrella Wheels
296Purple Piñata Wheels
297Purple Laser-Light Explosion
298Purple Smoke Run Rocket Boost
299Purple Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
300Orange Smoketrail Trail
301Saffron Maelstrom Wheels
302Pink Nissan Silvia
303Pink Octane: Demonio Decal
304Black Viled Animated Decal
305Burnt Sienna Smokeshow Goal Explosion
306Crimson Glitterati Wheels
307Lime Nissan Silvia RLE
308Cobalt Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
309Sky Blue Jacana Wheels
310Forest Green Estrella Wheels
311Lime Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
312Crimson Laser-Light Rocket Boost
313Crimson Stockshock Wheels
314Sky Blue Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
315Burnt Sienna Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
316Grey Laser-Light Trail
317Forest Green Slish-Slosh Animated Decal
318Purple Nissan Silvia RLE
319Purple Stockshock Wheels
320Pink Laser-Light Rocket Boost
321Orange Loco-Commotion Animated Decal
322Lime Smoke Run Rocket Boost
323Grey Maelstrom Wheels
324Sky Blue Estrella Wheels
325Lime Jacana Wheels
326Pink Piñata Wheels
327Forest Green Laser-Light Goal Explosion
328Purple Smokeshow Goal Explosion
329Burnt Sienna Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
330Forest Green Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
331Cobalt Glitterati Wheels
332Purple Viled Animated Decal
333Burnt Sienna Laser-Light Trail
334Black Smoketrail Trail
335Grey Octane: Demonio Decal
336Purple Demonio: Inverted Wheels
337Grey Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
338Burnt Sienna Nissan Silvia
339Orange Pyrotechnix Rocket Boost
340Grey Laser-Light Goal Explosion
341Forest Green Estrella: Prismatic Wheels
342Crimson Piñata Wheels
343Saffron Laser-Light Rocket Boost
344Sky Blue Smoke Run Rocket Boost
345Saffron Ebb'N Flow Animated Decal
346Saffron Jacana Wheels
347Burnt Sienna Viled Animated Decal
348Pink Laser-Light Trail
349Purple Octane: Demonio Decal
350Burnt Sienna Maelstrom Wheels
351Orange Demonio: Inverted Wheels
352Sky Blue Smoketrail Trail
353Cobalt Smokeshow Goal Explosion

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New S11 Items:


The highlight of Rocket League Season 11’s premium Rocket Pass is the Nissan Silvia. Like its in-game older cousin, the Skyline GTR, the Silvia too is built around the hybrid hitbox.

Players can further enhance the car with a custom hood scoop, carbon fiber modifications, and a dramatic rear wing through the Nissan Silvia RLE upgrade. These cars are available in the game through the Rocket Pass Premium.

Image shows the RLE variant of the Silvia S13 with Nissan Silvia RLE Wheels from Rocket League Season 11
Nissan Silvia S13 RLE


Estadio Vida Arena, a beautiful seaside village, is the place where all the action will happen. It’s known for its passionate fans and lovely sunsets.

Estadio Vida Arena is the new seaside map in Rocket League Season 11
Estadio Vida Arena


In the new Tournament Rewards, you have the all new Unicorn Juice Boost and the Chemergy Black Market Goal Explosion.

Image shows an Octane with Unicorn Juice Boost and Chemergy Black Market Goal Explosion from Rocket League Season 11
Unicorn Juice Boost, Chemergy Goal Explosion


With the all new Smoketrail Trail you can leave trails of rainbow smoke to match with both the vibrant theme of the season and the Smokeshow Goal Explosion.

Another Image of Silvia S13 RLE with Smoketrail Trail and Smokeshow Goal Explosion from Rocket League Season 11
Smoketrail Trail


Image shows a vibrant colored octane decal and smokeshow goal explosion from Rocket League Season 11
New Vibrant Decals


Silvia RLE Wheels can also be equipped on your Nissan Silvia for a complete drift look or you could choose from the simple but colorful Maelstrom Wheels, or the Piñata Wheels


Besides all these items, there are also two special packs to look forward to. The Elite Pack with Cobalt Dominus Car, Black Sun Ray Boost, Lime Astro CSX Inverted Wheels and Crimson Meteor Storm Goal Explosion. The Rookie Pack will include a Masamune Car, Druk Decal, Friction Trail, Calculated Player Banner, and Spiralis Wheels.

Players typically spend the last few weeks pushing to get higher placements in order to earn the best possible end of season rewards.


Q. How much does Rocket Pass 11 cost? Players can unlock Rocket Pass Premium for 1000 Credits and get even more XP, Items and also a full refund of the 1k Credits that comes as 100 Credits on 10 different Rocket Pass Tiers.

Q. How many pro tiers are in the Rocket Pass Season 11? There are 282 pro tiers in Rocket Pass Season 11. They start at Tier 71 and end at Tier 353 beyond which items repeat themselves.

Q. How many total tiers are there in Rocket Pass Season 11? There are 353 total tiers in this Rocket Pass.

Q. What is the max tier for the Rocket Pass Season 11? The max tier is 353. Pro tiers start at 71.

Q. How long does it take to Max Rocket Pass Season 11? How many levels ( daily or weekly ) must one complete to max out Rocket Pass Season 11

  • Weekly challenges give 3.2 tiers worth of XP. Season 11 is 13 weeks long. So 13*3.2 = 41.6 tiers.
  • Season 11 has 4 stages. You progress 7 tiers by doing each stage. So 7*4 = 28 tiers.
  • Max tier in Season 11 is 353. So 316 – (41.6+28) = 283.4 remaining tiers.
  • With 13 weeks in the season, this means 283.4/13 = 21.8 tiers a week or 3.11 tiers a day.

Also note that additional tiers that can be completed by doing seasonal event challenges such as the upcoming Rocket League Birthday event. All things considered, you should be really close to your goal of doing the max 353 tiers if you make steady progress at ~3 tiers a day (not including tiers from challenges) or ~4 tiers a day (including XP from challenges).