Rocket League Season 10 Rewards (Trails & Toppers)

Here’s a quick sneak peak at the all new end-of-season competitive rewards for Rocket League Season 10.

How it works:

  1. Placement Matches: To earn these competitive rewards, you need to complete ten placement matches. These matches determine your initial rank, which can be anything from Bronze to Supersonic Legend. The better you perform in these matches, the higher your starting rank will be.
  2. Season Reward Level: Once you’re ranked, you must win a certain number of matches at your rank to “fulfill” your Season Reward Level which is 10 wins at each Rank, starting with Bronze, to unlock the rewards for that rank.
  3. Titles: If you manage to reach the top two ranks, Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend, you’ll receive a special title for your achievement in addition to the other rewards. These titles are unique to the season and the rank.

Season 10 Competitive Rewards 2023:

  • If you reach Bronze or higher, you will receive the New Pixelated S10 Bronze Trail and Topper.
  • If you reach Silver or higher, you will receive New Pixelated S10 Silver Trail and Topper plus the Bronze rewards.
  • The rewards continue like this, each tier includes the rewards from the tiers below it. This means that the higher your rank, the more rewards you will receive.

For Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend ranks, there are also special titles in addition to the other rewards:

  • Grand Champions get a title like “S10 GRAND CHAMPION” or “S10 RNG CHAMP” in Crimson text, depending on the mode they played (rumble, hoops, snow day, dropshot).
  • Supersonic Legends receive a title like “S10 SUPERSONIC LEGEND” or “S10 RNGENIUS” in Titanium White text, also depending on the mode they played (rumble, hoops, snow day, dropshot).

Season 10 will continue until June 7, when New Rocket League Season 11 will start. This means you still have time to play and increase your rank, thereby earning more competitive rewards.

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