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Rocket Pass Season 9 Items List (Tier 71 – Tier 337)

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ItemUnpaintedFull SetBlackTitanium WhiteGreyCrimsonPinkCobaltSky BlueBurnt SiennaSaffronLimeForest GreenOrangePurple
Emepror II70321n/a1681369822826422527392297321146187
Emperor II: Scorched8585n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Emperor II: Frozen105105n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Artifice Wheels40323102215250n/a14218912829527517132323673
Devcon Wheels3431721129612916028723117531775108204n/a257
Dynasty Wheels19322125226202n/a2209926217732294145274305
Elemental Wheels4646n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Boost Boot Wheels632715318087272327212117198141247230n/a290
Boost Boot: Inverted Wheels6931919230311818225426831923414471139n/a223
Forerunner Wheels54325270325263214178147184293239124104n/a74
Forerunner: Roasted Wheels6431376176122196292284209156249112242n/a313
Piercer Wheels2931213819931281165n/a256208306154246279114
Piercer: Crystalized Wheels43326286123216113163n/a24832624018886157298
Veski Wheels26314103164244185314210281132151289n/a72258
Veski: Inverted Wheels5131619426016728322730878149207135n/a316116
Octane: Dragon Slayer Decal1133626119322277137173245336106162269318300
Lunation Animated Decal633331619623312125531121383285333200174294
Sharpstorm Animated Decal183321791972592373011301522068431033297278
Thawed Animated Decal4133733030288243217337166266158186109131280
Constella Animated Decal45320n/a23830720326527713389181155320205111
Brimstone Goal Explosion9595n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Ice Age Goal Explosion115115n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Elemental Goal Explosion3533521831510718329922919012615093335282267
Elemental Boost6833117219525312032828813429182331232224148
Elemental Trail2133430927624133432419111925214322116912791
All Color Items115337330325312334328337329336322333335318313

Q. How many pro tiers are in the Rocket Pass Season 9?
There are 266 pro tiers in Rocket Pass Season 9. They start at Tier 71 and end at Tier 337 beyond which the painted items begin repeating.

Q. How many total tiers are there in Rocket Pass Season 9?
There are 337 total tiers in this Rocket Pass.

Q. What is the max tier for the Rocket Pass Season 9?
The max tier is 337. Pro tiers start at 71.

Q. How long does it take to Max Rocket Pass Season 9?
Another way to look at this question is – How many levels do you need to complete per day or per week to max out Rocket Pass Season 9? Ok, let’s take all things into consideration.

– You complete approximately 3.2 tiers by doing the weekly challenges. The season is 13 weeks long. So 13*3.2 = 41.6 tiers.
– Each season has 4 stages. You progress 7 tiers by doing each stage. So 7*4 = 28 tiers.
– Max tier this season is 337. So 337 – (41.6+28) = 267.4 remaining tiers.
– With 13 weeks in the season, this means 267.4/13 = 20.5 tiers a week or 2.93 tiers a day.

NOTE: I’ve not included the tiers that can be gained by doing seasonal event challenges. All things considered, you should be really close to your goal of doin 337 tiers if you make steady progress at ~2.5 tiers a day.

Q. Can you get credits from free Rocket Pass Season 9?
No. Only Rocket Pass Premium gives you back the 1000 credits you spend to buy it.

What’s New in Rocket Pass Season 9?

It’s that time of year again, when Rocket League begins a new season. Since the new theme is centered around the two elements of fire and ice, it seems sense that they are dubbing this new Rocket Pass Season 9 a “Elemental Rocket Pass.” The major attractions are the new map called Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice) and the new vehicle called Emperor (breakout hitbox), but there are also a ton of new cosmetics and other exciting Rocket Pass Items, besides the competitive ranked rewards [ Animated Player Banners ] to look forward to.

Emperor & Emperor II

You can unlock 4 versions of a new muscle car based on the “breakout hitbox” named “Emperor”. The base car is called just Emperor and is available immediately with Rocket Pass Premium. Emperor II is a different version of the base vehicle that players will unlock as they progress through the tiers. Further, the Emperor II also has two additional variations called Emperor II: Frozen (Tier 105) and Emperor II: Scorched (Tier 85).

New Goal Explosions, Decals, Wheels

The new Constella decal (Tier 45)—possibly a distant relative of the Interstellar decal—and two new goal explosions, Brimstone (Tier 95) and Ice Age (Tier 115), are also items worth looking out for. If wheels is what interests you more then the Forerunner: Roasted Wheels and the Piercer: Crystalized Wheels may be worth the grind though Rocket Pass tiers. Also the Ice Drake (Tier 5) and Fire Drake (Tier 15) player banners from 2017 have made a comeback.

Fire & Ice Tournament Rewards

Under tournament rewards the list of new items include mentions of Seared Trail and Fireball Boost. But icing on the cake is the Black Market rewards such as the Skulking Scale Animated Decal which combines sparkling crystal with dragon scales, and the Fire Clap Goal Explosion which lights up the sky.

New Season Events

The return of the Neon Nights, which will provide Rocket League players the hottest beats ever, and the Frosty Fest, which will promises to bring extremely chill vibes, are 2 major season events that have been announced.

Full List of all Rocket League Season 9 Rewards & Cosmetic Items

Please note that this list contains items that may be more than the scope of just Rocket Pass 9 – i.e. Tournament Rewards, Season Events, Planned Promotions etc.


  • Takumi Dolphino Decal
  • Dragon Slayer Decal for Octane
  • Sharp Strip Decal for Octane
  • Splitzer Decal
  • Breakoud Agamid Decal
  • Iced Decal
  • Sharpstorm Decal
  • Duskapade Decal
  • Skulking Scale Decal
  • Lunation Decal
  • Razerwing Decal for Dominus
  • Frosty Flake Decal for Dominus
  • Flametress Decal for Octane
  • Lofi Cat Decal for Octane
  • Constella Decal
  • ZonTron Decal
  • Dot Matrix YNP Decal for Breakout
  • Shapeup Decal for Emperor
  • Ombre Decal for Emperor
  • Huntress Decal for Emperor
  • Brume Decal for Emperor
  • Flames Decal for Emperor
  • Lightning Decal for Emperor
  • Stripes Decal for Emperor
  • Wings Decal for Emperor
  • Thawed Decal

Avatar Borders

  • Dragon’s Breath Avatar Border
  • Chill Beat Avatar Border
  • Dragon Claw Avatar Border
  • Royalty Avatar Border

Player Anthems

  • GAMBLEONU Player Anthem
  • The Brick Player Anthem
  • Awakening Player Anthem
  • Frosty Fest 2022 feat. Lofi Girl Player Anthem
  • Flying Sled Player Anthem
  • Winter Drive Player Anthem
  • First Snow Player Anthem
  • Winter Morning Player Anthem
  • Monday Player Anthem


  • Oil Can Antenna
  • Lit Match Antenna
  • Thermometer Antenna
  • Icy Axe Antenna
  • Boler Mani Antenna
  • DustyCloud Antenna
  • Kage Antenna
  • Sol Rising Antenna
  • Tisoki Antenna
  • Saint Punk Antenna
  • Asdek Antenna
  • Scorched Scimitar Antenna
  • Snowflake Antenna


  • Stahlhelm Topper
  • Lunchbox Esper Topper
  • Hot Comet Topper
  • Cat Eye Topper
  • Tickled Tomato Topper
  • Gator Topper
  • Frosty Skull Topper
  • Skullfire Topper
  • Crispy Turkey Topper
  • Furrowed Flame Topper
  • Chafed Cherry YNP Topper
  • Igloo Topper
  • Dragon Wings Roasted Topper
  • Dragon Wings Frosted Topper
  • Lofi Cocoa Topper
  • Royal Crown Roasted Topper
  • Royal Crown Frosted Topper
  • Pigeon Anodized Topper
  • Lofi Nap Topper


  • Darkwell Wheels
  • Yolky Wheels
  • Boost Boot Wheels
  • Boost Boot Inverted Wheels
  • Jetvanes Wheels
  • Forerunner Wheels
  • Forerunner Roasted Wheels
  • Dynasty Wheels
  • Ratchet Wheels
  • TruBlu Wheels
  • DevCon Wheels
  • Artifice Wheels
  • Veski Wheels
  • Veski Inverted Wheels
  • Lit Lizard Wheels
  • Lit Lizard Roasted Wheels
  • Hotty Dotty Wheels
  • Hotty Dotty Inverted Wheels
  • Piercer Wheels
  • Piercer Crystalized Wheels
  • Blender YNP Wheels
  • Lofi Girl Wheels
  • Draco Frosted Wheels
  • Elemental Wheels

Goal Explosions

  • Elemental Goal Explosion
  • Fire Clap Goal Explosion
  • Brimstone Goal Explosion
  • Ice Age Goal Explosion

Rocket Boosts

  • Fireball Rocket Boost
  • Cryostream Rocket Boost
  • Elemental Rocket Boost
  • Volcano Crag Rocket Boost
  • Sun Ray YNP Rocket Boost


  • Seared Trail
  • Elemantal Trail

Paint Finishes

  • Eschered Paint Finish
  • Matchbook Paint Finish
  • Glacier Paint Finish

Player Banners

  • CyberNoir Player Banner
  • Cyberpunked Player Banner
  • Fire Drake Player Banner
  • Ice Drake Player Banner
  • Lofi Winter Player Banner
  • Lofi Girl Player Banner
  • Style-phile Player Banner
  • Yolkel Player Banner

Import Bodies (New Cars)

  • Emperor Import Body (New Car)
  • Emperor II Import Body (New Car)
  • Emperor II Frozen Body (New Car)
  • Emperor II Scorched Body (New Car)

Engine Audios

  • Emperor Engine Audio
  • Emperor II Frozen Engine Audio
  • Emperor II Scorched Engine Audio


  • Accolade IX Crate
  • Golden Gift ’22 Crate

The main feature of Rocket Pass this season is XYZ item

All Ranked Rewards: Rocket Pass Season 9

Unlock TierItem Name & Type
TierUncommon Drop
TierUncommon Drop
TierUncommon Drop
TierUncommon Drop

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