rocket pass season 10 all tiers and items

Rocket League’s all new Season 10 is out, which means players will be able to play, level up and unlock all new Rocket Pass 10 Items from March 8, 2023 until June 7, 2023. If want to see the complete list of tiers for Rocket Pass 10 items click here.

Rocket Pass 10 Items

In all, Rocket Pass 10 has Painted Variants of 2 Cars, 8 Wheels, 5 Animated Decals, 1 Trail, 2 Boosts, and 1 Goal Explosion.

Import Bodies

  1. Volkswagen Golf GTI
  2. Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE


  1. Bloomer
  2. Floret
  3. Floret: Infinite
  4. Green Machine
  5. School’d
  6. Starcade
  7. Synastry
  8. Torque TX: Inverted

Animated Decals

  1. Haphazard
  2. Sandscape
  3. Spotdrop
  4. Streamix
  5. Xtra


  1. Dimensionator Boost
  2. Mandala Boost


  1. Dimensionator Trail

Goal Explosions

  1. Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion

Black Market Rewards in Season 10

Tournament Rewards in Season 10

  1. Moentage Wheels
  2. Moentage: Inverted Wheels

Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket Items

Fennec Tokyo Decal Pack

  1. Bob’s Ramen Decal
  2. Neo-LL37 Decal
  3. Nitty-Gritty Huntress
  4. Decal Shinjuku Decal

Multichrome Customization Pack

  1. Flutterby: Multichrome Universal Decal
  2. Hanasha JRL: Multichrome Wheels
  3. Pixelated Shades: Multichrome Topper

Dominus Tokyo Decal Pack

  1. Megafrost Decal
  2. Neo-Star Decal
  3. Shinjuku Decal

Dingo Tokyo Decal Pack

  1. Buffy-Sugo Decal
  2. Figurator Huntress Decal
  3. Neo-Ghost Decal
  4. Ultraheat Decal

Octane Tokyo Decal Pack

  1. Hakkaa Decal
  2. MG-88 Huntress Decal
  3. Ultraheat Decal

Breakout Tokyo Decal Pack

  1. Megafrost Decal
  2. Turbo Huntress Decal

Single Items

  1. OEM: Infinite Wheels
  2. Ultralex: Radiant Wheels
  3. Neo-Viral Jäger 619 Decal
  4. Danpa Masamune Decal

Other New Season 10 Items

List includes possible upcoming Fortnite Collaboration items.

  1. Flutterby Multichrome Decal
  2. Hanash JRL Multichrome Wheels
  3. Breakout Turbo Huntress Decal
  4. Dingo Figurator Huntress Decal
  5. Fennec Nitty-Gritty Huntress Decal
  6. Dominus Megafrost Decal
  7. Breakout Megafrost Decal
  8. Octane Ultraheat Decal
  9. Dingo Ultraheat Decal
  10. Octane MG-88 Huntress Decal
  11. Cristiano Anodized Wheels
  12. Fennec Shinjuku Decal (Fortnite)
  13. Dominus Shinjuku Decal (Fortnite)
  14. OEM Infinite Wheels
  15. Fennec Neo-LL37 Decal (Fortnite)
  16. Dingo Buffy-Sugo Decal (Fortnite)
  17. Ultralex Radiant Wheels
  18. Fennec Bob’s Ramen Decal (Fortnite)
  19. Masamune Danpa Decal
  20. Jager 619 Neo-Viral Decal (Fortnite)
  21. Dominus Neo-Star Decal (Fortnite)
  22. Dingo Neo-Ghost Decal (Fortnite)
  23. Octane Hakkaa Decal

Best Items in Rocket Pass 10

Q. How much does Rocket Pass 10 cost?
Players can unlock Rocket Pass Premium for 1000 Credits and get even more XP, Items and also a full refund of the 1k Credits that comes as 100 Credits on 10 different Rocket Pass Tiers.

Q. How many pro tiers are in the Rocket Pass Season 10?
There are 245 pro tiers in Rocket Pass Season 10. They start at Tier 71 and end at Tier 316 beyond items begin repeating themselves.

Q. How many total tiers are there in Rocket Pass Season 10?
There are 316 total tiers in this Rocket Pass.

Q. What is the max tier for the Rocket Pass Season 10?
The max tier is 316. Pro tiers start at 71.

Q. How long does it take to Max Rocket Pass Season 10?
How many levels ( daily or weekly ) must one complete to max out Rocket Pass Season 10

– Weekly challenges give 3.2 tiers worth of XP. Season 10 is 13 weeks long. So 13*3.2 = 41.6 tiers.
– Season 10 has 4 stages. You progress 7 tiers by doing each stage. So 7*4 = 28 tiers.
– Max tier in Season 10 is 316. So 316 – (41.6+28) = 246.4 remaining tiers.
– With 13 weeks in the season, this means 246.4/13 = 18.9 tiers a week or 2.7 tiers a day.

Also note that additional tiers that can be completed by doing seasonal event challenges. All things considered, you should be really close to your goal of doing the max 316 tiers if you make steady progress at ~2.5 tiers a day (not including tiers from challenges) or ~3.5 tiers a day (including XP from challenges).

Rocket Pass 10: All Tiers & Items

Here is a table with the entire list of tiers of free and pro rocket pass 10 items. Use the search function to isolate the items you are looking for.

1VW Golf GTI
2VW Golf GTI: Track Ready DecalFully Flourished Title
3Mandala Rocket Boost
410% Party XP Boost
5Hedge Wretch Player BannerUncommon Reward Drop
6Bloomer Wheels
7Rooted Paint Finish
8Blossoming Bud Player TitleBaby Turtle Topper
9Streamix Animated Decal
105% XP BoostUncommon Reward Drop
11Breakout Day Ray Decal
12100 Credits
13Sandlure WheelsBackfire Checkers Decal
14Tranquil Engine Audio
15Bird Nest Player BannerUncommon Reward Drop
16VW Golf GTI: Team Kingsnake Decal
17Recovery Whiz Player Title
18Synastry WheelsRevivalist Player Title
19Oasis Topper
20Surge Burst Goal ExplosionUncommon Reward Drop
21On the Canvas Player Anthem by Alejandro
22DuneTune WheelsGreen Leaf Antenna
235% XP Boost
24100 Credits
25Glister TrailUncommon Reward Drop
26Deep-Target Wheels
27Oasis Avatar Border
28Haphazard Animated DecalPixelated Shades Player Banner
29Dusky Dunker Player Title
30Merc Metal Plate DecalUncommon Reward Drop
31Novarray Wheels
325% XP BoostTwilight Trainer Player Title
33Bird Nest Topper
34Octane Fee-Line Decal
35VW Golf GTI RLEUncommon Reward Drop
36100 Credits
37Rock Candy Antenna
38Floret WheelsFish Fly Antenna
395% XP Boost
40Woodwork Paint FinishUncommon Reward Drop
41Mandala Trail
42Spineral Wheels
43Dominus Spa Day DecalManta Ray Topper
44VW Golf GTI Player Banner
45Xtra Animated DecalRare Reward Drop
46Torque TX Wheels
47Happy Humming Bird Antenna
48100 CreditsGood Fortune Wheels
49VW Golf GTI Huntress Decal
505% XP BoostRare Reward Drop
51Green Machine Wheels
52Serentiy Engine Audio
53Dimensionator Trail
54Takumi Bloomzoom Decal
55Starcade WheelsRare Reward Drop
56Greenery Avatar Border
57Dimensionator Rocket Boost
585% Party XP Boost
59Octane Refractor Animated Decal
60100 CreditsRare Reward Drop
61School'd Wheels
62Topographic Paint Finish
63Spotdrop Animated Decal
64Floret Infinite Wheels
65Comeback Kid Player TitleVery Rare Reward Drop
665% Party XP Boost
67100 Credits
68Sandscape Animated Decal
69Torque TX Inverted Wheels
70Lotus Bloom Goal ExplosionVery Rare Reward Drop
71Crimson Torque TX Inverted Wheels
72Burnt Sienna Floret Inverted Wheels
73Purple Sandscape Animated Decal
74Grey VW Golf GTI
75Cobalt Dimensionator Trail
76Crimson Xtra Animated Decal
77Forest Green Bloomer Wheels
78Saffron Synastry Wheels
79Black Green Machine Wheels
80100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
81Lime Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
82Grey Starcade Wheels
83Pink VW Golf GTI RLE
84Crimson Haphazard Animated Decal
85Grey Mandala Boost
86Grey Streamix Animated Decal
87Crimson Spotdrop Animated Decal
88Black School'd Wheels
89Black Floret Wheels
90100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
91Forest Green Dimensionator Boost
92Purple VW Golf GTI RLE
93Saffron Torque TX Inverted Wheels
94Grey Synastry Wheels
95Orange Green Machine Wheels
96Grey Bloomer Wheels
97Purple Mandala Boost
98Burnt Sienna Starcade Wheels
99Burnt Sienna Dimensionator Boost
100100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Drop
101Black Dimensionator Trail
102Black Haphazard Animated Decal
103Sky Blue Sandscape Animated Decal
104Crimson Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
105Burnt Sienna Xtra Animated Decal
106Purple VW Golf GTI
107Cobalt Spotdrop Animated Decal
108Lime Floret Wheels
109Purple Floret Infinite Wheels
110100 Credits
111Forest Green School'd Wheels
112Cobalt Streamix Animated Decal
113Lime Synastry Wheels
114Lime VW Golf GTI
115Burnt Sienna Spotdrop Animated Decal
116Purple Torque TX Inverted Wheels
117Burnt Sienna Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
118Black Floret Infinite Wheels
119Forest Green Dimensionator Trail
120Orange Starcade Wheels
121Cobalt Mandala Boost
122Titanium White School'd Wheels
123Orange Dimensionator Boost
124Sky Blue Xtra Animated Decal
125Orange Bloomer Wheels
126Sky Blue VW Golf GTI RLE
127Pink Haphazard Animated Decal
128Saffron Streamix Animated Decal
129Purple Green Machine Wheels
130Forest Green Floret Wheels
131Burnt Sienna Sandscape Animated Decal
132Burnt Sienna Floret Wheels
133Pink Spotdrop Animated Decal
134Purple Starcade Wheels
135Forest Green VW Golf GTI RLE
136Purple Xtra Animated Decal
137Saffron Dimensionator Boost
138Pink Streamix Animated Decal
139Lime Sandscape Animated Decal
140Forest Green Green Machine Wheels
141Crimson Synastry Wheels
142Burnt Sienna School'd Wheels
143Purple Haphazard Animated Decal
144Crimson Mandala Boost
145Pink Dimensionator Trail
146Sky Blue VW Golf GTI
147Pink Floret Infinite Wheels
148Cobalt Bloomer Wheels
149Cobalt Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
150Black Torque TX Inverted Wheels
151Titanium White Green Machine Wheels
152Black Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
153Lime Starcade Wheels
154Burnt Sienna VW Golf GTI
155Cobalt Floret Infinite Wheels
156Orange Dimensionator Trail
157Titanium White VW Golf GTI RLE
158Orange Sandscape Animated Decal
159Sky Blue Haphazard Animated Decal
160Pink Bloomer Wheels
161Sky Blue Mandala Boost
162Lime School'd Wheels
163Sky Blue Torque TX Inverted Wheels
164Titanium White Spotdrop Animated Decal
165Burnt Sienna Streamix Animated Decal
166Forest Green Xtra Animated Decal
167Sky Blue Floret Wheels
168Pink Dimensionator Boost
169Sky Blue Synastry Wheels
170Grey Haphazard Animated Decal
171Lime Torque TX Inverted Wheels
172Purple Synastry Wheels
173Grey Xtra Animated Decal
174Titanium White Dimensionator Trail
175Purple Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
176Orange VW Golf GTI RLE
177Saffron Floret Wheels
178Purple Bloomer Wheels
179Titanium White Dimensionator Boost
180Grey School'd Wheels
181Black Sandscape Animated Decal
182Lime Spotdrop Animated Decal
183Titanium White VW Golf GTI
184Grey Green Machine Wheels
185Cobalt Starcade Wheels
186Titanium White Streamix Animated Decal
187Grey Floret Infinite Wheels
188Pink Mandala Boost
189Black Synastry Wheels
190Sky Blue Dimensionator Trail
191Purple Spotdrop Animated Decal
192Sky Blue School'd Wheels
193Orange Mandala Boost
194Burnt Sienna Green Machine Wheels
195Titanium White Torque TX Inverted Wheels
196Forest Green Starcade Wheels
197Titanium White Floret Infinite Wheels
198Orange VW Golf GTI
199Lime VW Golf GTI RLE
200Saffron Haphazard Animated Decal
201Saffron Sandscape Animated Decal
202Forest Green Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
203Burnt Sienna Bloomer Wheels
204Titanium White Floret Wheels
205Lime Xtra Animated Decal
206Crimson Dimensionator Boost
207Purple Streamix Animated Decal
208Sky Blue Floret Infinite Wheels
209Lime Mandala Boost
210Lime Streamix Animated Decal
211Black Xtra Animated Decal
212Pink Sandscape Animated Decal
213Black Dimensionator Boost
214Lime Bloomer Wheels
215Purple Floret Wheels
216Saffron Dimensionator Trail
217Sky Blue Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
218Titanium White Starcade Wheels
219Pink Torque TX Inverted Wheels
220Orange Spotdrop Animated Decal
221Crimson VW Golf GTI RLE
222Cobalt Green Machine Wheels
223Pink School'd Wheels
224Forest Green Synastry Wheels
225Saffron VW Golf GTI
226Cobalt Haphazard Animated Decal
227Lime Green Machine Wheels
228Forest Green Sandscape Animated Decal
229Crimson Starcade Wheels
230Orange Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
231Black Bloomer Wheels
232Pink Floret Wheels
233Cobalt Synastry Wheels
234Sky Blue Streamix Animated Decal
235Orange Haphazard Animated Decal
236Grey Spotdrop Animated Decal
237Crimson School'd Wheels
238Grey Dimensionator Boost
239Crimson Dimensionator Trail
240Forest Green Floret Infinite Wheels
241Orange Torque TX Inverted Wheels
242Grey VW Golf GTI RLE
243Crimson VW Golf GTI
244Black Mandala Boost
245Titanium White Xtra Animated Decal
246Crimson Bloomer Wheels
247Forest Green Streamix Animated Decal
248Sky Blue Green Machine Wheels
249Black Spotdrop Animated Decal
250Burnt Sienna VW Golf GTI RLE
251Grey Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
252Cobalt Torque TX Inverted Wheels
253Grey Dimensionator Trail
254Cobalt VW Golf GTI
255Lime Dimensionator Boost
256Pink Xtra Animated Decal
257Titanium White Sandscape Animated Decal
258Sky Blue Starcade Wheels
259Titanium White Mandala Boost
260Orange Floret Infinite Wheels
261Crimson Floret Wheels
262Lime Haphazard Animated Decal
263Pink Synastry Wheels
264Saffron School'd Wheels
265Burnt Sienna Dimensionator Trail
266Saffron Starcade Wheels
267Titanium White Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
268Purple School'd Wheels
269Forest Green Haphazard Animated Decal
270Forest Green Spotdrop Animated Decal
271Saffron Mandala Boost
272Cobalt Dimensionator Boost
273Orange Xtra Animated Decal
274Grey Sandscape Animated Decal
275Cobalt VW Golf GTI RLE
276Saffron Green Machine Wheels
277Saffron Bloomer Wheels
278Cobalt Floret Wheels
279Orange Synastry Wheels
280Saffron Floret Infinite Wheels
281Forest Green Torque TX Inverted Wheels
282Forest Green VW Golf GTI
283Black Streamix Animated Decal
284Saffron Spotdrop Animated Decal
285Lime Floret Infinite Wheels
286Grey Floret Wheels
287Saffron VW Golf GTI RLE
288Burnt Sienna Haphazard Animated Decal
289Cobalt Sandscape Animated Decal
290Forest Green Mandala Boost
291Pink VW Golf GTI
292Titanium White Synastry Wheels
293Orange Streamix Animated Decal
294Sky Blue Bloomer Wheels
295Lime Dimensionator Trail
296Saffron Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion
297Crimson Green Machine Wheels
298Cobalt Xtra Animated Decal
299Pink Starcade Wheels
300Orange School'd Wheels
301Grey Torque TX Inverted Wheels
302Sky Blue Dimensionator Boost
303Saffron Xtra Animated Decal
304Pink Green Machine Wheels
305Black Starcade Wheels
306Burnt Sienna Torque TX Inverted Wheels
307Sky Blue Spotdrop Animated Decal
308Titanium White Bloomer Wheels
309Orange Floret Wheels
310Crimson Streamix Animated Decal
311Burnt Sienna Synastry Wheels
312Crimson Sandscape Animated Decal
313Cobalt School'd Wheels
314Burnt Sienna Mandala Boost
315Titanium White Haphazard Animated Decal
316Crimson Floret Infinite Wheels

Rocket Pass 10 Gallery

Images of some of the Rocket League Season 10 items (click to enlarge).


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