Painted Big Splash Goal Explosion (RLCS Fan Rewards 2023)

Painted Big Splash Goal Explosions Rocket League

With the new Rocket League Season (#10) around the corner, the RLCS Fan Rewards will likely be getting an update soon for 2023. So far there has not been any announcement from Epic Games or Psyonix about the new list of reward items. However, some players have identified that the game files changed after the recent Rocket League update. This change includes additional 13 painted variants of the good old Big Splash Goal Explosion.These painted variants include Black, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt, Crimson, Forest Green, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron, Sky Blue, and Titanium White.

Painted Big Splash

While Big Splash’s Default or Unpainted version has historically been included in the RLCS Fan Rewards Pool, it is now possible that the 2023 pool will also contain all painted variants. Rocket League players are obviously delighted about all of the variants and how they each look but, it seems like the Black Big Splash and Titanium White Big Splash Versions are quickly becoming fan favorites.Is Big Splash goal explosion tradable? Yes, RLCS fan rewards are tradeable. So if you got your Big Splash via Twitch drops then you must be able to successfully trade it for items or credits.How much is Big Splash worth in credits? At the time of posting this, the Big Splash Goal Explosion is worth 50-70 credits on all 4 platforms as seen on RL Insider.Price / Value of Big Splash in Rocket League