Knockout Bash: New Limited Time Rocket League Game Mode

Knockout Bash Limited-Time Free-for-all Rocket League Game Mode

Rocket League is getting a new limited-time free-for-all knockout game mode this spring. This 8-player destruction derby style game mode, which is called Knockout Bash will be available for players from April 27 to May 10. Along with all the existing mechanics, this mode gets 3 brand new mechanics that players will need to master – Attack, Block, and Grab.

What is Knockout Bash?

The basic idea behind this game mode is simple. Your objective is to knock other players out of the safezone and into hazards. The last player standing wins.

Game Rules

8 players will compete in this free-for-all mode and each player will have only 3 lives. Yes, unlike regular rocket league, this game mode does not have unlimited respawns so you will have to tread carefully. In what seems like a direct inspiration from its battle-royale sibling fortnite, this mode features something called a safezone, which is, you guessed – a translucent dome.When a player is thrown out of the safezone, they must return within 10 seconds before they will be KO’d. And as the game progresses, this safezone always keeps shrinking in size. Finally, after 6 minutes have passed for all the surviving participants, the match will enter sudden KO mode. In this mode, every attack or throw will be one with maximum power, and being knocked out of the safezone during this time will mean instant KO.To top it all, each knockout arena will contain several hazards like spikes and laser grids. Coming in contact with any of the hazards will result in instant KO.Knockout Bash Game Mode Instructions

Core Gameplay: How to play Knockout Bash?

The code gameplay in knockout bash is about three mechanics.
  1. Attack: Dodging or Flipping into your opponents will do more than just bumping them like in regular Rocket League. Here, in this game mode, it sends them flying. And the faster you go, the harder you’ll be able to hit them.
  2. Block: A well-timed block reflects the attack back to your attacker. But timing is crucial while blocking because if your block fails, you will be left wide open to an attack.
  3. Grab: Holding the grab button and dodging into an opponent will let you grab them. Then if you dodge again, you will launch them across the arena. Kinda like how the grab and launch work in the NFL gamemode.

Additional Controls / Mechanics

Besides these core mechanics, there 6 secondary mechanics worth mentioning. These are:
  1. Stun
  2. Enemy Lock-on
  3. Triple Jump
  4. Multi Dodge
  5. Jump
  6. Boost

Basic Gameplay Questions

Since the game mode went live, many people are asking for a tutorial on how to perform basic actions in the game. So, here is a summary of all the most common questions for Knockout Bash.

Q1. How to Grab in Rocket League Knockout Bash?

In order to grab, first head towards another car, then when you’re close hold L2 and dodge towards that opponent. If for some reason this does not work for you, then head over to your key bind settings and ensure that GRAB is bound to L2 or your button of choice. Whichever button GRAB is bound to in your settings is your grab button.

Q2. How to Block or Defend against an incoming attack?

Dodging backward blocks enemy attacks. You know you executed this successfully if you see a small blue sphere around your car. Blocking deflects the opponent’s attack back onto them.

Q3. How to win Knockout Bash?

This question is best answered by the developers of the game in this video of Knockout Out Bash Tips and Tricks. The 5 essential tips in the video are listed as follows.
  1. Learn and Master the 3 main moves: Attacking, Blocking, and Grabbing. Then ensure that you vary your strategy to outplay your opponent. Because each of those 3 moves has an effective counter so to speak.
  2. Keep moving and go fast. The faster you are moving before you attack or grab and throw your opponent, the further they will fly.
  3. You can triple jump and dodge up to 4 times before needing to touch the platform again to refresh those mechanics and refill your boost.
  4. Positioning and awareness of your surroundings are important.
  5. Be unpredictable and get creative.

New Challenges

As if all the frenzy around the new game mode wasn’t enough, we’re also being presented with new a new batch of challenge rewards to stay committed to the mode and keep our morale high. Completing these challenges will help players unlock new spring-themed items like Floresences Wheels, Monarch Boost, and Flutterby Decal.

Golden Gifts Basket & Twitch Rewards

But wait, there’s more. Throughout Knockout Bash, players will have the opportunity to earn something called the Golden Gifts Basket that unlocks a mix of classic items from the Victory, Accelerator, and Turno Item Series. This works similarly to Golden Rewards. Players can complete challenges up to five times to earn these baskets, then open them in their inventories to unlock items.Players will also be able to earn the Bob’s Ramen Player Banner Twitch Drop by watching select Rocket League streamers after the event begins on April 27.

Preview of Items & Rewards: