Hyperspace Decal for Fennec in Rocket League

Hyperspace Decal for Fennec

The Select Favorites 2 series’ Hyperspace Decal for Fennec is an Import Quality Item that was released in June 2022. The tradeable decal is available in one standard color and is generally worth 200 to 300 credits across all platforms (PC, PSN, Xbox, Switch). The decal has a wonderful animated lightspeed effect that changes with vehicle speed and is quite popular among Fennec owners because it complements the vehicle well.It goes without saying that Fennec owners have flooded the internet with a ton of incredible car designs that feature this fantastic decal. Here is a quick video that demonstrates two of my own team blue and team orange hyperspace designs that I frequently use with my Fennec.There are three methods to get a Hyperspace Decal if you main Fennec: item shop (very rare), trading, or blueprints. Psyonix began including blueprints of items from the Select Favorites 2 Series with the regular blueprint drops at the beginning of Season 7 (post-F2P). This has swiftly emerged as the most popular way for players to get one of these decals.

Fennec Hyperspace Decal Gallery

Please feel free to copy the list of items from the video description and experiment to create your own designs if you liked mine. Here are the bakkesmod loadout codes for each of my designs.TEAM BLUE: gwz/CvDCQ1DgAaEUA4NBBFysCjzLMZ/5nwEK8MJDUOABoRQDg0EEXKwKPMsxn/mfAQA=TEAM ORANGE: Aw4eDPDCQ1DgAfHgA4MGdBwm67yKGGgOnPMfnAUY4IWHoMAD4sEHBg3oOEzWeRUx0Bw45z84CwA=