Easiest ways to get a Fennec in Rocket League (2023)

how to get a fennec in rocket league

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on one, there are many ways to get the Fennec in Rocket League.

To get a Fennec, players can buy it from the item shop, trade items or credits with others, buy from third-party sites, build it using blueprints earned in-game, or get it from a rare drop. Additional methods include trading Twitch Drops, participating in giveaways, or asking friends.

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Let’s admit it – the Fennec is one of the most wanted cars in Rocket League. But why?

Two good reasons make the Fennec such an object of desire among Rocket League players. The first is its long hooded design inspired by the hot hatches of the 80s and 90s like the Lancia Delta Integrale and the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The second reason is the hitbox. In addition to its pretty looks, the Fennec is also a better-fitting car body for the most commonly used hitbox in the game (that of the octane).

Black Fennec in Item Shop
Black Fennec in Item Shop

Many new players may not be aware of how easy it might be to get a Fennec, so here I will list a few common ways. Keep in mind that while some of these methods are free, others may cost you some time, money, or both. Since it is an “import body”, the chances of successfully getting the item are 100% when using paid methods, moderate in other methods, and mostly pretty low in free methods.

How to Get a Fennec

Primarily, there are 5 ways to get a Fennec in Rocket League.

  1. You can buy one from the item shop (when it is in the shop).
  2. You can trade items or credits with other players in exchange for Fennec.
  3. You can build one from blueprints that you earn in the game.
  4. You can trade other items from your inventory to earn credits for a Fennec.
  5. Or if you’re among the lucky few, you may get a Fennec while opening a rare drop.

All variants are not priced equally, some are rarer than others and some have greater demands than others. For both purchase and exchange, the prices (or credits) will vary depending upon the paint of Fennec body. If you want to check prices for various paints, you can do so on RL Insider.

Trading Removal Announcement

Player-to-player trading is being removed and will no longer be an option after 4PM on 5th December 2023. This makes options #2 and #4 unviable choices for the long term. If you are reading this before 5th December then you still have the choice to quickly be able to trade for a Fennec. Because after that, it looks like the only feasible way to be able to get a Fennec is to buy it from the shop.

5 Ways to get a Fennec

1. Item Shop

If purchasing the Fennec from the item shop seems like your kind of idea then all you really have to do is be patient keep your eyes and ears open for Rocket League News and keep checking the daily item shop rotations. Unpainted or Default Fennec’s typically sell for 500 Credits on Item Shop. While painted ones may cost a few hundred credits more.

2. Trading with other players

If you have trading unlocked, then in Rocket League you can trade items with other players. If you have something they want, they might be willing to exchange a Fennec for it. In some cases it may be items, in other cases, it may be credits. Whatever the case, the trade will mostly depend on the ongoing value and the demand for the item.

3. Third-Party Websites

The last purchasing option is to buy the Fennec Body from third-party websites like rl.exchange. Please note that prices on such sites vary with time and demand and are also platform-dependent. At the time of writing this post, the cost of a Default Paint Fennec at rl.exchange is $5.79 for Steam, $3.49 for Xbox, $4.99 for PS, and $5.79 for Epic Games PC. And among all variants and for all platforms, the ‘Titanium White Fennec’ seems to going for the highest price (almost six times that of the regular).

4. Crafting Blueprints

Blueprints in Rocket League are just like crates in other games. After every match that you play, you stand a chance to win random blueprints. A standard blueprint shows the item that the player can build with it and the price required to build the item in credits.

Fennec Blueprints
Fennec Blueprints

To craft a Fennec from a Blueprint, you’re going to need the required blueprint. Blueprints can be acquired either by playing matches or using trading. Some players may already have a Fennec blueprint sitting in their inventory. So it may help to first go check.

Once you have the desired Fennec Blueprint, you’ll need credits to build the item. The number of credits required varies depending on the rarity of the item in the blueprint. You’ll either have to earn credits by trading the items in your inventory that you don’t want or you’ll have to purchase credits from the item shop.

5. Opening Drops

You can collect rare, very rare, and import drops just by completing the weekly challenges, and season challenges, and by ranking up. You don’t even need a rocket pass for this. So, technically you can get a free Fennec Import Body from a rare drop, a very rare drop, or even by trading up 5 very rare drops without spending any money.

While the possibility theoretically exists and many players have reportedly gotten a Fennec in this way, realistically speaking your chances are pretty slim.

Since we’re on the topic of free methods, there are two other ways of scoring a fennec body.

Bonus Method #1: Twitch Drops

This is by far the easiest method that I and lots of others have successfully used and continue to use, to get not just a Fennec but anything you like. All you have to do is tune in to Twitch to watch official Rocket League broadcasts when they are LIVE and claim Fan Rewards for watching.

The rewards are random and mostly you get low-value items worth 10 or 20 credits but even those accumulate and add up. Besides every now and then, you get a painted high-value wheel, decal, or goal explosion and some of these fan rewards are worth a good amount of credits.

Bonus Method #2: Giveaways

Taking part in giveaways from new and upcoming Rocket League Content Creators on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc can get you a Fennec. However, a word of warning, please be aware of fake giveaway scams that are abundant on Discord and in YouTube comments.

Bonus Method #3: Ask your Friends

The final method is simply asking your network of friends. I have given away many rare items to my friends because I had two numbers of the same item and didn’t really need both.

Closing Thoughts

Obsession with vehicle bodies is just that – obsession. A fennec is not objectively better than octane, which is freely available to all. Besides, a fennec won’t improve your skill. That can only happen with regular practice. If you’ve been playing the game for anything above a hundred hours, you will have lots of blueprints saved up in your inventory.

The easiest way to earn more credits is to go list all those blueprints up for trade for something as low as 10 or 20 credits. Many blueprints may be worth much more and so players will instantly lap them up. Earn some credits first then work your way up from there and wait till you get your hands on a blueprint for a fennec body. This process is slow and time-consuming but also fun and rewarding and can warm you up to the entire process of how trading works in Rocket League.