VW Golf GTI Designs Rocket League

Best VW Golf GTI & Golf GTI RLE Designs

Here are three amazing design ideas for the VW Golf GTI in Rocket League.

#1 Veloce Wheels & Boo-Ya! Decal

This design uses Boo-Ya! Universal Decal which is tradeable and can be acquired for ~50 Credits on PC. The design showcases both Black and White Golf GTIs. Black is only usable via Bakkesmod. Titanium White Golf GTI is on Tier 183 if you have Rocket Pass, if you want to trade, the TW Golf GTI goes for ~3,500 Credits on PC at the time of writing this post. Besides these, the wheels used are Veloce (Grey/White). Both painted variants can be acquired via trade for ~600 Credits each.


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  • VW Golf GTI [Black / Titanium White]
  • Veloce Wheels [Grey / Titanium White]
  • Boo-Ya! Decal
  • Red/Blue Primary
  • White/Black Accent
  • Glossy Paint Finish

#2 Cristiano Wheels & Anodized Paint Finish

This one is perhaps the cleanest and the most affordable design. If you’re on PC, use bakkesmod to get a Black Golf GTI, but you’re on console then a regular unpainted Golf works well too. Most players already have Cristiano Wheels and Anodized Paint Finish in their inventories. If you’re new and do not have these items, don’t worry they are relatively cheap. The wheels can be purchased for ~90 credits and the paint finish for ~50 credits.


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  • VW Golf GTI [Black]
  • Cristiano Wheels [Unpainted]
  • Anodized Paint Finish

#3 Fire God Decal & White Zomba / Emerald Wheels

This one is perhaps my best but also one of my most expensive VW Golf Designs. I use two different painted Golfs for Blue Team and Orange Team – Cobalt and Crimson. Both designs use the Fire God Black Market Decal with matching colors and white accent color. At the time of writing this. the decal costs ~500 Credits on PC. For the Blue Team, I decided to go with Titanium White Zomba Wheels that cost ~1,800 Credits on PC. For the Orange Team, I’m using Titanium White Emerald Wheels that cost ~450 Credits on PC. Finally for the boost and trail, I’ve used the Plasma Boost and Lightspeed Trail in Titanium White in both designs. The cost of these items is ~600 Credits and ~500 Credits in the PC trading market.


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  • VW Golf GTI [Cobalt / Crimson]
  • Zomba / Emerald Wheels [Titanium White]
  • Fire God Decal
  • Titanium White Plasma Boost
  • Titanium White Lightspeed Trail

Feel free to try them on and tell us how you like them. Or experiment, create your iterations and share your designs in comments below. Here are some more bonus designs for Golf GTI and Golf GTI RLE which use the default and titanium white OEM wheels and huntress decal for VW Golf GTI, team kingsnake decal, stripes decal for VW Golf GTI.



Watch out this space for amazing VW Golf GTI designs that will update as soon as the new Season 10 progresses. In the meantime check out this page to read more about the VW Golf GTI in Rocket League.

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