New GLOW Glitch (Effect) in Rocket League

Glow Glitch Effect: How to enable

This incredible new GLOW glitch effect works not just on the game menu but also during matches. Let’s take a close look at how it works, how to enable it and what items you may need for you to get a GLOWING car in Rocket League.What Decals does it work with? Firstly, in its current form this glow glitch is only known to work with Bubbly and Fireworks decals. So the way you make it work is by changing your accent (or secondary) color to the desired color of your choice in which you want the vehicle to glow.What Vehicles does it work with? As far cars go, right now the glitch seems to work on 5 vehicles only. The effect does seem work certain other vehicles as well but the glow doesn’t appear as much as it does on these 5 cars – Centio, Artemis GXT, Mudcat GXT, Maverick GXT, and Nimbus.What Settings do you need to change? The important setting here is Bloom under video settings. In fact the entire glowing effect seems to be a result of BLOOM. So yes, you will need to have bloom enabled under effects. Additionally, when you use this effect in games, the GLOW will only be visible to those other players that also have bloom enabled under their video effects.Do try this effect soon. With Season 9 around the corner, they might patch it soon.