How to get 100% Free Credits in Rocket League?

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In Rocket League, there is only one legitimate method to obtain free credits. Everything else you see online is either a discord scam or fake content created to increase YouTube views.

There have never been any redeemable codes that unlock free credits and it is very likely that there never will be. There are various other trading techniques that, while not free, can nonetheless help you earn easy credits.

So here 5 ways to earn easy credits in Rocket League:

  1. Complete Challenges (FREE)
  2. Trade Inventory Items
  3. Trade Valuable Blueprints
  4. Trade RLCS Fan Rewards
  5. Trade Special Event Crates

Free Credits for Challenges

The only way to earn 100% Free Credits in Rocket League is by completing the Birthday Ball challenges. Doing this gets you 300 Credits and so far Psyonix has maintained this tradition of free credits giveaway for two of Rocket League’s anniversaries (2022 & 2023).

Image shows a list of challenges that players can complete to claim up to 300 Credits Free in Rocket League
Birthday Ball Challenges grant 300 Credits

The credits that you earn are tradeable and can also be used to buy items from the item shop or craft items from Blueprints. If you are reading this before 12th July 2023, you might want to hop into Rocket League and complete some of those challenges before Birthday Ball ends. Will there be free credits in Birthday Ball 2024 as well? There is no telling but we sincerely hope that the tradition continues.

This is the only free method to get credits in Rocket League. However, since we all want more credits to expand our inventories and try out new and exciting designs, here are some other easy methods that can earn you credits via trading in Rocket League.

The only reason these methods cannot technically be considered free is that you will have to pay to unlock trading on your Rocket League account. Here are 4 such methods.

Trade Inventory Items

This one is fairly simple. There is a good chance that long-time Rocket League players may have collected some items of moderate to high value during the course of a few months via reward drops that you earn for playing the game.

All you have to do is browse through your Rocket League item inventory and look for stuff that you may not want to keep and that can fetch you some amount of credits. Use RL Insider to check the current price trends of items on your platform.

Image shows Rocket League Items Inventory with certain Items of Moderate to High Value
Check Inventory for Items of Moderate to High Value

To make it easy for you, let me list 5 items (with their values) that are commonly found in the inventories of almost all Rocket League players and are always in demand.

  • Anodized Pearl Paint Finish (100 Credits)
  • Cristiano Wheels (100 – 150 Credits)
  • Zomba Wheels (80 – 120 Credits)
  • Big Splash Goal Explosion (30 – 50 Credits)
  • Anodized Paint Finish (50 – 70 Credits)

Trade Valuable Blueprints

This is one is similar to trading items. Just like how you may have accumulated items over the course of playing the game, it is also likely that you may have accumulated lots of blueprints in your inventory. Some of the valuable ones may be worth anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand credits.

Image shows the blueprint value calculation of a Titanium White Fennec in Rocket League
Valuable blueprints can be traded for credits

How to tell which ones are valuable? Well, that’s simple, head back to RL Insider and compare the crafting cost of a blueprint with the selling price for the item that you are crafting. The bigger the difference between the selling price of the item and the cost to craft the blueprint, the higher the value of the blueprint is.

For instance, the selling price of a Titanium White Fennec on PC at the time of writing this article is 1200 – 1400 credits. And the crafting cost of a TW Fennec blueprint is 800 credits. This means the value of this blueprint is 400 – 600 credits.

Trade RLCS Fan Rewards

Almost all Rocket League players know that earning fan reward drops is the easiest way to get your hands on some cool RLCS items. Most of the items you earn will not be highly valuable, but every once in a while you will earn a painted Fan Reward item. Many such items are always in demand and can easily fetch a high value (few hundred credits).

Image shows painted RLCS Fan Reward Items that can be traded for easy credits
RLCS Fan Rewards worth 620 Credits

All you have to do is keep earning fan rewards via Twitch streams and let them accumulate in your inventory until you have a bunch of high value items like painted wheels, decals or goal explosions. Once you have a list of items, you can then trade those items for credits or trade them for an item you want.

For instance in this video that I made, I point out how easy it was for me to get a Fennec by simply trading the fan rewards I earned over one championship weekend.

Trade Special Event Crates

The last method to earn easy credits is also fairly straightforward. Rocket League always has some Special Event Crates every year that players can earn in exchange for completing fairly simple challenges during the period of the event.

Image shows Special Event Crates that can also be traded for easy credits in Rocket League
Golden Rewards can be traded for >100 Credits each

For instance, the 8th Birthday Ball event that is currently live lets players earn 5 Special Event Crates called the Golden Egg ’23. Besides Golden Eggs, players can also earn other Golden Rewards like Golden Pumpkins, Golden Gift Baskets, and Golden Moons on special events.

Such special event crates are also always in demand and easily sell for 100 – 150 Credits each.

So there you have it, 1 free method and 4 easy methods via trading to get easy credits in Rocket League.

Last thing before I finish – to check the prices of Rocket League items or to see what items are trending and in demand, I use RL Insider. To find Rocket League trades I use RL Trades. And lastly I post all my trade offers on RL Garage.