Flutterby Multichrome Decal

Flutterby: Multichrome is a new Rocket League Season 10 Decal that is an upgrade of Flutterby Decal which was a spring themed decal introduced to the game as a part of the Knockout-Bash LTE.

The Flutterby Decal has animated butterflies fluttering over a base which has a mild gradient change that runs from the front of the car all the way to the rear. This is a very popular decal among players and many Flutterby Decal Designs surfaced during the Spring-Themed LTE during Season 6.


  1. How to get the Flutterby: Multichrome Decal?
  2. Is the the Flutterby: Multichrome Decal Tradeable?
  3. Is the Flutterby: Multichrome a universal decal?


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