New 2023 RLCS Fan Rewards in Rocket League

If you’ve ever wondered how so many players in Rocket League lobbies are seen sporting the same fancy RLCS decal or the Big Splash Goal Explosion, then chances are they got those items from drops earned by watching certain live-streaming events.

Note 1: The latest list of 2023 RLCS Fan Reward Items is not yet officially released.
Note 2: Important Update from Epic Games about RLCS Fan Rewards
Note 3: For 2022 Fan Rewards List of Items click here.

It is surprising how many Rocket League players are not aware of the countless free items that are available in Rocket League and how to get them. In this essay, I’ll explain one of the methods to get such free items. We’re going to be looking at what Fan Rewards aka Twitch Drops are, how players can easily get them by watching live streams and what kind of fan rewards you can realistically expect from these drops.

What are Fan Rewards / Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops aka Fan Rewards are limited drop items that players can get simply by watching Rocket League Esports Live Streams on Twitch.

I already talked about this in another essay, but if you are serious about getting better at Rocket League, you must watch the pros play.  There is a definite value to watching players at the highest level competing against each other. Why? Because, it is the easiest form of passive learning on things like decision-making, positioning and rotations, execution of mechanics, and a lot more.

And if all that excitement of watching your favorite Rocket League Pro Teams battle it out is not high enough for you, then you can amp it up a notch by obtaining some fantastic free items via Fan Reward Drops. To top it all, some of these items are worth a lot of credits. So even if you don’t like some items personally, you can still trade them with other Rocket League players for free credits. Yes, Rocket League Fan Rewards are tradable.

How to sign up for Fan Rewards / Twitch Drops?

To be able to earn fan rewards, you’ll be required to link your platform account (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games) to your twitch account.

Step 1: Twitch Authorization

The first step is to create a twitch account if you don’t already have one. Then, open your web browser and visit the official Rocket League Fan Rewards page that is located at

Rocket League Esports Website
Sign Up Button for Fan Rewards

On this page, you will find a button that says “Sign Up” under the heading “Link. Watch. Earn”. Once you do that, you will be taken to a new authorization page where you may be asked to log in to your twitch account. After logging in, you will be asked to “Authorize” the link between rocket league and twitch. Press the purple “Authorize” button.

Authorize Twitch Account Link
Authorize Twitch Account Linking

Step 2: Platform Selection

After authorization, you will be redirected back to the rocket league esports website for Step 2 which is platform selection. Here you can select the preferred platform of your choice (the one which you play on). The choices are Epic Games, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Once you click on the desired platform, you will be redirected to that platform’s website to log in and authenticate the link. Since I’m on Xbox, I was redirected to a subdomain to log in with my Microsoft account.

Fan Rewards Setup Step 2
Step 2: Primary Platform Selection

You may be required to log in to Sony’s website or Nintendo’s website or steam’s website based on your platform. Once you log in, you will again be asked if you are ok with letting this app (Psynoix OAuth) access your info. Simply go ahead and click “Yes”.

Xbox Platform Authorization for Twitch Drops
Xbox Platform Authorization for Twitch Drops

This will link your platform account to your twitch account.

Step 3: Confirmation

Now you will be returned to the rocket league esports rewards website, where you should see a confirmation under Step 3 that you have successfully linked your accounts.

Step 3 in Fan Rewards Setup
Step 3: Confirmation

Now you are ready to receive Twitch Drops.

If you play Rocket League on more than one platform, then at this point you have an option to add additional platforms. However, you may assign only one among all your linked platforms as the primary platform. What this means is that when you watch a twitch stream and earn drops, that drop will appear only on the primary platform account. You cannon earn drops and claim them in two platform accounts simultaneously.

How to get your free Fan Rewards / Twitch Drops?

Fan Rewards can be claimed by simply watching official rocket league live streams. You will have to watch the live stream as it happens to be able to earn rewards. Watching older reruns or rebroadcasts will not earn you rewards.

You can only get a maximum of two Twitch Drops per Rocket League Stream. This is probably because of the nature of these drops and average stream durations. There are two types of drops on Twitch, time-based drops, and event-based drops. Nowadays, Rocket League Fan Rewards are mostly time-based drops. What that means is you will have to watch a particular Rocket League Stream for a required minimum amount of time to earn a drop. This duration varies from stream to stream. Some streams earn you rewards for watching for one hour, while others may require that you watch for 90 minutes or two hours.

You will be able to check the progress of your drop by clicking on the main twitch menu on the top right of your page. During a live stream, the sub-menu item labeled “Drops” will be accompanied by a progress bar that will display your progress in percentage. After you have watched the stream for the specified amount of time, the progress bar will get filled up, and you will be able to claim your drop from your drops inventory on Twitch. You do not have to type in the chat or do anything extra to receive your twitch drops.

Progress bar under twitch drops
The progress bar under drops

Once you claim a twitch drop, you will receive drop notifications in rocket league the next time you log in to your game on your platform. If you do not receive such notifications, then you can directly check your rocket league items inventory for the fan reward items.

What Rocket League streams have drops?

Right now, fan rewards are available on all Rocket League Championship Series and Collegiate Rocket League streams on Twitch. Additionally, from time to time, Rocket League Twitch Drops are also available on the streams of select Rocket League content creators.

There are a couple of ways to keep track of the streams that can earn you fan rewards in Rocket League.

  1. Visit to keep track of the upcoming RLCS broadcasts.
  2. Check the RLCS Calendar for the ongoing season. For example, here is the entire season schedule announcement for RLCS 2021-22 Season.
  3. Follow the official Rocket League Twitch Channel
  4. Search for scheduled Rocket League streams on Twitch with the search tag “Drops Enabled”. Here is a direct link for that.
  5. Keep an eye on Rocket League Esports Twitter Handle and the RL ESports Subreddit.
  6. Keep an eye on the Main Game Menu while playing Rocket League, it often alerts players when a live event is being streamed on Twitch.
Live Esports Button Rocket League
Esports Watch Live Button

What items can you get from Twitch Drops in Rocket League?

The items you can get from watching live streams are updated every season on Rocket League’s Esports Website under the Fan Rewards section. You can also follow the official RL Esports Twitter handle for timely updates on upcoming fan rewards. The current series of drops fall under the nomenclature ‘Suite 7 Drops’ which Psyonix has been following since 2017. Before that, the batch of older RLCS drops was called Suite 6 drops.

For the current RLCS 2021-22 Season, the following list of rewards is up for grabs.

– RLCS Decal for Octane
– Rival Wheels
– Online Player Title
– Yorebands Decal for Fennec
– Stratum Badge Decal for Dominus
– Big Splash Goal Explosion
– Dune Racer Decal for Octane
– Emerald Wheels
– Crown Avatar Border
– Instigator Player Title
– Rival: Radiant Wheels
– RLCS Decal for Dominus

Update: 30th Jan 2023

The official 2023 RLCS Fan Reward Items list has not yet been released. However, there are rumors that painted versions of the “Big Splash” Goal Explosion will be included in the 2023 Fan Rewards Drops. This appears highly plausible considering the game files which, after the latest Rocket League update have changed and now include all painted big splash variants.

This video showcases every painted Big Splash Goal Variant.

Update: December 2022

Fan rewards have changed! As of December 2022, all rocket league players must link their twitch account to an epic games account to continue receiving fan rewards during official rocket league broadcasts. Fan rewards will now be delivered to players’ primary rocket league platform account, so head below to link to your epic games account! For more, check out this link.

Update: 30th April 2022

Rocket League just refreshed the entire pool of fan rewards for the new #RLCS spring split. Here’s a list of the brand-new Fan Rewards that are dropping right now:

  • RLCS Fennec Decal (NEW)
  • Rival: Infinite Wheels (NEW)
  • Mechanical Magician Title (NEW)
  • RLCS Octane Decal
  • Savage Dominus Decal
  • Nice Shot Octane Decal
  • Rival: Radiant Wheels
  • RLCS Dominus Decal
  • Retro Fresh Player Banner
  • Decenium Wheels
  • Aero Mage Wheels
  • Rival Wheels
  • Big Splash Goal Explosion
  • Mendoza Wheels
  • Statesman Player Banner
  • Ballistic Goal Explosion
  • Ninja Wheels

Can you watch multiple Twitch streams for drops?

While you can watch multiple streams on Twitch simultaneously, doing so does not increase your odds or your rate of earning fan rewards for a video game. Twitch already clarified this in an official statement.

On the other hand, you may watch the streams of two different video games and simultaneously earn time-based drops for both – this is possible. Also, there is no overall limit on how many twitch drops you can receive.

Can you get Fan Rewards while not actively watching a stream?

Yes, your drop progress continues even if you are AFK, if the stream is playing in the background while you continue playing Rocket League (or doing something else), or if the stream is muted.

You don’t have to continuously be active on the twitch stream to be able to claim your fan rewards. Also, it doesn’t matter if you watch the stream via PC or an app on your mobile phone or your console, or your smart TV. As long as you are logged in to the Twitch account that is linked to your Rocket League platform, you will earn the drop for watching.

Here is a video clip of the process of signing up and linking your Rocket League and Twitch accounts:

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