New Rocket League F1 Fan Pass 2022

2022 F1 Fan Pass in Rocket League

Rocket League F1 fans have something extra to look forward to this coming week as Formula 1 is making its return to the game with the all-new 2022 design F1 car. The car, official team decals, and 2 other scheduled updates for later this year are all a part of the new 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass. The pass, which is priced at 1100 credits will be available in the item shop from May 4 to May 10. There will also be a Formula 1® 2022 Player Banner which will be available for all players free of cost.


The main highlight of the new fan pass is the new 2022 design F1 car. Along with that, players will also get the 2022 Decals, race-ready Pirelli Wheels, and updated 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio.Here’s a list of all items included in this release of the 2022 F1 Fan Pass.
  • 2022 Formula 1 Car (Dominus Hitbox)

  • 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio

  • Pirelli Wheels

  • Alfa Romeo 2022 Decal

  • AlphaTauri 2022 Decal

  • Ferrari 2022 Decal

  • McLaren 2022 Decal

  • Red Bull 2022 Decal

  • McLaren Miami 2022 Decal

What to expect with further Fan Pass releases in 2022?

As I already mentioned, there will be 2 other releases under the F1 Fan Pass in 2022. Players that purchase the 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass, will be able to unlock these two future updates for free upon their release.

Release 2: Summer Update of 2022 F1 Fan Pass

The second update is scheduled for the summer of 2022 and will bring 5 more exciting F1 decals to Rocket League.
  1. Alpine 2022 Decal
  2. Aston Martin 2022 Decal
  3. Haas 2022 Decal
  4. Mercedes 2022 Decal
  5. Williams 2022 Decal

Release 3: Fall Update of 2022 F1 Fan Pass

The final update will arrive during Fall 2022 and unlock 3 color variants of the 2022 F1 Pirelli Wheels – red, white, and yellow marked tires that represent different compounds that are used in the real Formula 1 races.

Lando Norris Reviews the F1 Fan Pass

F1 Racer Lando Norris will be live on his Twitch Channel with Rocket League streamer Athena at 9 AM PT to preview and showcase the new content under the 2022 F1 Fan Pass. Don’t forget to tune in.

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