Dueling Dragons Anodized Goal Explosion

Dueling Dragons Anodized Black Market Goal Explosion

An Anodized variant of the already popular Dueling Dragons Black Market Goal Explosion may soon be released as a part of Rocket League’s Season 10 which began on 8th March 2023.The default version of Dueling Dragons comes with one Dragon Painted Gold and the other painted Mint-Greenish, both finished in shiny anodized texture. Further, all painted variants continue to have one dragon painted in gold and the other painted in custom colors. In addition to unpainted variant, Dueling Dragons: Anodized may also be available in the following colors: Black, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt, Crimson, Forest Green, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron, Sky Blue, Titanium White.Here is a short clip showcasing the above painted variants of this Goal Explosion.Little is known right now about how this Goal Explosion may be available to Rocket League players (blueprints, drops, item shop or special events).