How to enable Boomer Mode in Rocket League?

boomer mode settings rocket league

Lately, Boomer Mode is trending among Rocket League circles because Musty made a video on it. While Boomer Mode isn’t an official game mode in Rocket League, you can enable it by using certain custom mutator settings. Boomer Mode isn’t new. In fact newer Rocket League players may not be aware of a limited-time mode called Boomer Ball that was introduced in May of 2020 as a part of the modes of may event.
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Boomer Ball used mutators to increase the ball speed and bounciness. In this mode, the boost also in more powerful and unlimited. This is why the ball travels at a much higher speed. Needless to say, Boomer Ball was loved by Rocket League’s player community and since it was a limited-time mode, people found a way to recreate it using the following custom mutator settings.
  1. Ball Max Speed: Fast
  2. Ball Physics: Super Light
  3. Ball Bounce: Super High
  4. Boost Amount: Unlimited
  5. Boost Strength: 2x
  6. Maximum Score: Unlimited
  7. Gravity: Default
  8. Demolish: Disabled