Rocket League Celebrates its 8th Anniversary with a Grand Event

Rocket League is Celebrating its 8th Birthday Anniversary with a Grand Event where all players get to earn 300 Credits and presents free

Rocket League is celebrating its 8th birthday (July 7, 2023) with a special event known as Birthday Ball, running from June 28 to July 12.During this time, players can enjoy Limited Time Modes, including Super Cube from June 28 to July 5 and Beach Ball from July 5 to July 12.The event offers special Challenge Rewards, including the 8th Birthday Crown Player Banner, 8th Birthday Avatar Border, Golden Egg ’23, Hemi Birthday Player Anthem, Waned Flame Boost, and Waned Flame Trail.Additionally, players can earn up to 300 Credits, and five Golden Eggs that can unlock Items from the Champions Series 1–4.In the spirit of the birthday celebration, the Item Shop will offer black and white noire gear. From June 28 to July 8, a variety of items will be available, including the Titanium White Fennec, Storm Watch: Noire Decal, Huntress Formal Fennec Decal, Startrack: Noire Boost, Battle-Cars Anniversary Cake: Noire Topper, and Cupcake Anniversary: Noire Antenna.Moreover, the Car Show Item Shop Tab will have 10 painted cars available for purchase from June 28 to July 5, with another batch of 10 painted cars offered the following week.
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Birthday Ball will run from June 28 to July 12, don’t forget to hop on and join the celebrations.