April Fools Update Rocket League 2022

The Rocket League Devs sneakily rolled out an April Fools update today. The prank update from Psyonix features three funny in-game changes. One is weird sounds and screams from the crowd audio, the second is a limited-time three-wheeled octane casual game mode called “Confidential_Thirdwheel_Test“, and the third is a title called “Free Player Title”.

The three-wheeled game mode is quite a welcome change as the car has completely different handling and keeps toppling while being steered around (reminds me of the 3 wheeled car from a Mr.Bean episode). Also, the screams in crowd audio had many wondering what was going on in online matches.

This was the tweet posted on the Rocket League Status handle:

And here’s a video of the game mode and the weird crowd noises. Enjoy!

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